Pandemic Break Wedding Rush - NBC 7 San Diego

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many couples to postpone their weddings, but with the rise in vaccinations and the opening of cities, tying the knot is in a rush.

This rush leads to what is now referred to as the “summer of love”.

“People are ready to get married. They don’t want to put off life anymore, ”said Jordan Marks, a taxpayer attorney for the San Diego County’s Office of Assessor-Recorder, which administers marriage licenses and conducts weddings in the county’s marriage hat.

Marks said it takes about four weeks for the county to get an appointment to get married, but he expects more dates to become available on June 15.

Brandi Agullard and Jwerl Tillis got married on Thursday by a district employee. The two met 10 months ago when Jwerl was hired to hang a television in Agullard’s house. Dating during the pandemic made them focus on each other, Jwerl said.

“The marriage got kind of organic because we had this solidarity time together, so I think it worked out better for us,” he said.

The couple are planning a big wedding with family and friends in the future, once everyone can attend without a head count or masks.

Brianna Slatnick and Paul Truche went to the marriage hut for their marriage certificate. They will get married this Saturday after having to postpone the wedding due to the pandemic.

“It was frustrating and we had to go through multiple changes from all of our wedding providers and some of the people we worked with and changing dates was really stressful, especially given all the wedding planning,” said Truche. “That’s why we’re just happy that we can finally celebrate our wedding now.”

The couple are both doctors who say everyone is vaccinated at their wedding.

Wedding planners and event managers are already overwhelmed. A San Diego wedding planner told NBC 7 that its business went from 0 to 100 in one month. The woman who answered the phone at City Cruises, which offers floating wedding venues, called the number of wedding charter requests “out of control”.

Demand is putting a strain on resources like catering, wedding photographers, and even wedding dresses. Wedding planners speaking to NBC 7 said it was important to be both patient and flexible when planning a wedding. It is especially helpful during this busy time to have a wedding planner to navigate through all of the details, they said.