OneFabDay from DMG publishes new information for marriage ceremony areas

OneFabDay from DMG publishes new guide for wedding locations

As the wedding market picks up again, as restrictions are further lifted and the number of attendees increases, DMG’s own wedding website One Fab Day has released a new guide to the 100 best wedding locations in Ireland.

This is the seventh year One Fab Day is releasing the guide designed to help couples choose a venue. However, this is the first time that it appears at the kiosk and costs 4.99 €. This year’s edition is also sponsored by Avant Money.

Celina Murphy, Editor, One Fab Day, DMG Media: “It’s been such a tough 18 months for wedding locations, so it’s a great pleasure for us to see some of the top locations in the country and the dedicated teams that make them so special.”

“The guide is literally the first thing I give to a friend when they get engaged. It contains a lot of practical information about wedding venues that would take weeks to put together and that is presented in a user-friendly format that will help you quickly compare and contrast the venue on your shortlist. There are also plenty of helpful articles on how to choose and make the most of your venue, ”she adds.

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