Observe: The Iowa couple takes 50th anniversary wedding ceremony pictures

Observe: The Iowa couple takes 50th anniversary wedding photos

March 17 (UPI) – An Iowa couple celebrated their 50th anniversary by putting their wedding dresses back on to recreate the original photos from their special day.

Kelly and Carolyn Gay, who live in the Des Moines area, said Carolyn teamed up with Sam Hoyle of Two Hoyles Photography to surprise Kelly with the 50th anniversary photo shoot.

“We’ve been married for 50 years and she probably kept a secret for me and that was it,” Kelly Gay told WQAD-TV.

Carolyn Gay said she got the idea three years ago, and the first step was to grow her hair back to the length it was in the photos in the couple’s wedding album.

“At one point, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s only been 50 years. Let’s just go out and have dinner and call it a day,'” said Carolyn Gay. “Then I thought, ‘Really, for the number of people who have married in the past 50 years, there aren’t that many people who are still with the same original person.'”

Hoyle helped the couple recreate the photos from their wedding album, including a double exposure and a picture of a candle holder appearing to grow out of Kelly’s head.

“People are looking for good news and something to strive for,” said Hoyle. “What could be nicer than lovingly looking at a happy couple 50 years after their original wedding date, as if it were their first day. Hopefully this will be reflected in the pictures.”