Newly weds Florida MPs cease marriage ceremony images to assist the person hit by the automotive

Newly weds Florida MPs stop wedding photos to help the man hit by the car

The bride and groom are commended for their “dedicated service” after stopping their wedding photos to help a man hit by a car.

Detention officer Taylor Rafferty and her husband Chris Rafferty are law enforcement officers for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) in Florida. On Monday, the sheriff’s office commended the couple and their wedding party – who are also police officers – for helping the man during Raffertys’ wedding that December in Ocala, Florida.

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“When you choose a career in law enforcement, you choose never to be truly off duty because anything can happen at any time,” wrote the MCSO, in part on Facebook. “Unfortunately, danger and tragedy do not pause. Even on your days off, it is a law enforcement officer’s duty to protect and serve.”

Although the couple “expected a typical wedding day,” the Raffertys did their duty during their wedding.

“While photographing the bride, groom and the wedding reception, a man was hit by a car in the square in downtown Ocala,” wrote the MCSO. “The entire wedding reception – fully dressed in wedding attire – responded and helped the injured man.”

According to the Facebook post, one of the bridesmaids held the man’s head while the bride, Taylor Rafferty, directed the traffic.

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“Fortunately, the man was not seriously injured and after he was transported by medics, the events of the wedding continued!” the MCSO wrote.

“Our greatest admiration goes to the Raffertys and every member of their wedding party who, without a second thought, took action to assist everyone involved in this incident,” added the MCSO. “Thank you very much for the dedicated service to our community in every way, as you know!”

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