Mother goes viral after changing her husband with Jack Grealish in all of her wedding ceremony pictures


A mother went viral online after replacing her husband with English soccer star Jack Grealish in her wedding photos.

Mairead Stevens, 37, came up with the idea after developing a “crush” for the star from England and Aston Villa after appearing at the European Championships in recent weeks.

Prankster Mairead decided to take her newfound interest in football to the next level – breaking up her husband Lee, 42, in the process.


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One of her followers on TikTok suggested covering Lee’s face with pictures of Grealish, so she set about printing out pictures of the athlete from Google.

She decided to add Jack Grealish to her wedding photos

The only thing left to do was wait until he noticed the sudden change in the decor.

In a video posted on her TikTok account, Surrey Mairead is cutting Grealish’s head out of various images.

Then she tapes them over Lee’s in their wedding photos, which are framed all over the house, wondering how long it will be before he realizes the changes.

The video on @thesteveos has been viewed more than 260,000 times and garnered 27,000 likes and hundreds of comments from fans left in hysteria.

The photo wall from the TikTok video

One person said, “I really want to know how long it will take him.”

“This is absolutely hilarious, I love it – and more, that the husband didn’t even notice,” added another fan.

Someone else said, “I love how disproportionate the photos are.”

“This is literally one of the best things I’ve seen on the internet today, 10/10,” commented another viewer.

Another Grealish fan added: “I’ve never seen a game but I support Villa and England now.”

Mairead and Lee with children Maggie and James.

In a follow-up video, Mairead revealed that their children, seven-year-old Maggie and four-year-old James, discovered the pictures before Lee – two days after the prank.

“Why are you marrying this man?” asks a concerned Maggie.

Mairead explains his name, to which James hilariously replies, “I don’t want a new father named Jack.”

Mairead explains that they are just “tricking” Daddy – adding that Jack is “very rich,” which the kids seem to be perky.

The children soon notice

When Lee continued to fail to notice the changes, Mairead decided to stay clean three days later – and film the entire exchange.

In the video, Lee clocks the images after Mairead gives him a nudge in the right direction.

He stares at the picture in shock before laughing and approaching to identify the footballer.

“Shows how much attention I pay,” jokes Lee.

Lee finally realizes the change

He continues around the house to inspect the other pictures.

Then he jokes: “You can leave him standing, he looks better than me!”

Thankfully, Lee found the prank hilarious.

“He didn’t notice at all, so I ended up having to ask him to replace a frame that he accidentally knocked over a few weeks ago,” Mairead, an accountant, told Jam Press.

“It made him look at the wedding photos on the wall. He thought it was hilarious and was surprised he hadn’t realized he’d been replaced.

“He was really shocked by the attention it had received online – and that no one had mentioned the TikTok to him!

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“People generally found it fun and great between us – a lot of our followers like the humor in our relationship.

“We don’t take anything seriously and it’s all carefree fun.

“And I had a bit of a crush on Jack during the Euros – I think a lot of women did!”

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