Methods to plan the last word eco-friendly marriage ceremony

How to plan the ultimate eco-friendly wedding

Your first top tip is to stay where you are. “Prioritize local and seasonal food and drinks wherever you can. Not only will this help support small local businesses, but it will also be the most environmentally friendly option, ”she says. “My husband and I are both vegans, so our menu was plant-based, which gave our guests something to talk about like the dress code – even if they had never met before.”

Not sure where to start? Visit Green Union, a wedding directory that guides future brides and grooms to identify the perfect local and sustainable options – from sustainable cake to catering and event venues.

The second important tip is to avoid single use if possible. “When it comes to decorations, prioritize elements that can be used over and over again,” says La Manna. Sian Bowron, founder of Amethyst Weddings, who specializes in sustainable receptions, confirms this: “I try to rent as much as possible for the weddings I organize such as glasses, cutlery and candle holders to avoid the use of plastic, disposable and avoid reducing waste. “

If you’d like to turn your big white wedding green, we welcome you – look no further for a complete eco-wedding planning guide, from the venue and decor to the all-important gown.

Environmentally friendly wedding venues

There is no one type of wedding venue that is the most environmentally friendly – it is simply a matter of choosing a location that uses the least amount of energy and resources for your wedding. Although, as La Manna says, travel is a significant contributor to a wedding’s carbon footprint, you should “consider hosting it in a location where your guests will have to least travel.”

While a field or farm wedding may seem like the most sustainable choice, erecting and powering a temporary structure like a marquee or teepee can often be more energy and resource intensive. Wedding venues also likely have the necessary infrastructure already in place, which takes some of the practical considerations off your plate. Opt for decorations and furniture that you can also reuse.

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