Marriage ceremony pictures and portraits of the week

Wedding photos and portraits of the week

Have you seen our latest photos of the day on social media? Every day we feature wedding photos and portraits of the week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that really caught our eye, and we ask the creatives behind the photos to detail the background story of the image and their technical approach. Here’s what caught our attention this week.

Hold still 2020

Hold Still, a digital exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery directed by the Duchess of Cambridge, recently included Rebecca Douglas’ picture as one of only 100 of over 31,000 entries. The pictures selected together tell the story of 2020 during the pandemic.

“So much of my work is about interaction and capturing moments,” says Douglas. “To be so far away and not be able to speak directly to my subjects Paul and Simon was a very isolating experience to take a picture for me.” “”

“Such an eye-catching and unique image of Lockdown that it captures the sense of isolation we have all experienced in one way or another,” says Nicholas Cullinan, who also selected it for the gallery’s Directors Choice.

Douglas adds, “I’ve never typed anything like this before and I am so honored to be part of a collection of such powerful images.”

Out and about together

This session was photographed by Eugene Tan HZ of Bottled Groove Photography on the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) train in Singapore and focused on this couple who were going about their everyday life on one of their appointments.

“The MRT train is one of the most popular forms of public transport people use in Singapore, and I really wanted to capture this moment between this couple,” says Tan. “There are several rules to follow when using public transport in Singapore, but once we got this behind we specifically wanted to include the mood lighting on the train. I think that’s the essence of the impact of COVID-19 is reflecting on everyone lately. “

Fully aligned

“Getting the right angle for this picture was a very, very careful process,” says photographer Lindsay Adler.

“The angle adjustments were made in millimeters and were a combination of adjusting the height of the subjects, the angles of their face and the camera angle. It took about 10 minutes to get this one shot.”

Adler adds that she decided to create this picture with these two sisters because their features were “similar enough that they would almost look like twins. Both had such beautiful eyes and facial features that I knew their beauty was.” Would pull viewers into the frame. “

Save the bees

Aly Kuler worked with a makeup artist on this one-of-a-kind portrait, which he then entered in the WPPI printing competition, earning him a Silver Award in the Individual category.

“The concept for this make-up look was’ The world WITH and WITHOUT bees,” explains Kuler. “One side of the model represents the world we know today, in which bees make a contribution to the environment. It is a green world full of vegetation and life, while the other side represents a world in which bees do not exist and in the end we would not exist either. “

Picture Perfect Prom

As early as May, after “60 days without work, without inspiration or creativity, this was our stupid dream,” says Applehead Studio founder Liam Hennessey about his idea of ​​a socially distant prom project.

“We have learned over the years how important the simple, classic group photo is regardless of the occasion,” he explains. “Everyone stands up, comes closer and smiles. It’s timeless, yet at the same time and permanent ‘that time in your life when …'” Of course, 2020 high school graduates can’t have the same experience because of the pandemic, which most graduates do. Hennessey was really thinking about how to find a way to get a beautiful group photo for sure. Thanks to the magic of Photoshop and the best team I’ve ever worked with, we were able to bring high school graduates together. And by “together” we still mean socially distant and never really together, “he says.” It’s wrong, it just looks real because that’s what it should feel like. “

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