Marriage ceremony location exhibits up on the vaccine heart!

Wedding location shows up at the vaccine center!

  • Ahmedabad mirror
  • 25-04-2021 06:00 AM

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Citizens leave the vaccination center after being told that a wedding is planned in the hall

The Navdeep Hall in Naranpura, which served as a vaccine center for some time, was suddenly turned into a wedding venue, rocking the Vax beneficiaries

From Vipul Rajput and Jignesh Vora

Wedding venues can serve as vaccination centers and makeshift hospitals can be set up in the open area during these Covid times. But the opposite of that in these bad times?
People saw it on Saturday in the Navdeep hall in Naranpura, which had been converted into a vaccination center. The center was closed and the hall was rented out for a wedding and people were turned away.
On the other hand, while the government is encouraging citizens to vaccinate, the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has decided to close the center for a day.
The community hall is typically used for weddings and other events that have not been held for a year.
Everyone who came to the “wedding venue” for a vaccination felt uninvited and had to return. It was a long drive for Anand Patel from Usmanpura.
He had brought his 84-year-old father to be vaccinated. But the security guard in the hall told him there was a wedding going on and the center was closed.
“It was very frustrating. I had to take my father to another center. I wouldn’t risk taking it off a second time, ”said Patel.

“Now I have to come back on Sunday. That is ridiculous. The authorities are insensitive and the people have to suffer.”
– PM Panchal, 68

PM Panchal, 68, was also angry. “Now I have to come back on Sunday. That’s ridiculous. The authorities are insensitive and people have to suffer, ”he said.
Among others who returned dejected was Yogesh Bhatt, 74.
“I went to the HCG hospital and paid 250 rupees for a vaccination shot. It’s not about the money, it’s about the run that we have to take care of, ”he said.
A senior AMC official admitted that it was inappropriate to give the hall for wedding purposes if the vaccination was being carried out. However, the bookings are made online and this case may have slipped.