Marriage ceremony images of Nicholas and Laetitia

Wedding photos of Nicholas and Laetitia

The 33-year-old Nicholas Venter and his fiancée Laetitia van den Heever from Fontainebleau on the West Rand have been saving for their wedding anniversary since last October. Then, after a three-year relationship, Nicholas asked the question of the love of his life.

She said “yes” to spend the rest of her life together as a husband and wife. They live with Laetitia’s parents and funds are limited, but they decided to save and pay for their own big day.

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In January of that year, Nicholas complained of back pain and pain in one of his legs. He built her house and suspects he pulled a muscle. This was the doctor’s diagnosis and he went home with pain medication. He was about to be registered with Laetitia’s Medical Aid.

The pain increased and became unbearable, and a few weeks ago Nicholas had difficulty breathing. They took him to the intensive care unit at the hospital, where Laetitia works as an administrative clerk. A CT scan and biopsy were performed. The result was devastating – Nicholas had advanced stage 4 sarcoma – a very aggressive spindle cell neoplasm cancer. Both families were beaten down.

WedReady and MODE Weddings and Events have teamed up with a list of clients to make Nicholas and Laetitia’s dream wedding come true – they got married on Saturday at 4:30 pm!

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Ann Grace Photography took the beautiful pictures on Saturday March 20th.