LITTLE People, Big World star Isabel Rock admitted she delayed the release of photos from her wedding to husband Jacob Roloff because of body embarrassment.

The 25-year-old reality star, who was tied up in 2019, has recently started opening up about her struggles with body image and gaining confidence in taking out cruel trolls.


Isabel Roloff announced that she did not immediately share wedding photos because of being ashamed of her bodyPhoto credit: Monique Serra Photography

After the photographer, Monique Serra, re-shared a cute photo of Isabel with all her friends outside in a sunflower field from her ceremony, the TV personality commented on how “happy” it makes her.

However, she didn’t always like the wedding photos, so she waited a while to share some of them with the fans.

Isabel admitted she was attacked for how she looked on her big day, which resulted in her not wanting to post any of the snaps right away.

Having embarked on a “self-love trip” lately, she shared that she now sees herself in a familiar way, including how she looked that day.


She and her husband Jacob Roloff married in 2019Photo credit: InstagramThe star of Little People, Big World admitted that she did


Little People star, Big World admitted she was unable to post snapshots of the affair for “a few months” because she got “so much hate” about her looksPhoto credit: Instagram

The LPBW star posted the smiling wedding photo on her Instagram story and told fans, “Fun fact, I avoided sharing my wedding photos a few months after our wedding because I hated them as much as I hated this one Day looked.

“Now, two years later, I’m seeing this and I think … I looked so beautiful, why have I ever let someone make me think differently ?!”

Jacob and Isabel ran off along the coast before partying with loved ones at the Roloff Family Farm.

She wore a stunning long sleeved white dress with a sheer back and button details, while he wore a sleek black suit and red tie.

She said that she looks back on the photos and believes that she


She said that she looked back at the photos and thought she looked “beautiful”Photo credit: Monique Serra PhotographyShe and Jacob celebrated their wedding at the Roloff Family Farm


She and Jacob celebrated their wedding at the Roloff Family FarmCredit: See caption

Over the past year, Isabel has talked a lot with her fans about her struggles, including depression and eating disorders, because she wants to feel “empowered”.

She admitted to followers that she “starved” as a teenager and “shrunk away” in a battle against eating disorders.

In the midst of the pandemic, the LPBW star opened up to fans about her fight against depression and the “bad anxiety attack” she recently suffered.

Aside from nasty comments she got about her wedding day look, she’s also received similar comments in the past few months, and she’s shut down the trolls a lot.

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She recently slammed one who commented on her height and said she felt sorry for her.

The TLC star posted a cruel internet user along with an “unflattering” photo of herself to prove that women’s bodies should not be open to public discussion.

Earlier this week, Jacob’s wife beat up rude followers for sending her “bad news” on social media after sharing her honesty with everyone.

Little People’s Isabel Roloff fears she is “unloved and broken” after revealing battles with depression and eating disorders