Line of Obligation Star Non-public Weddings DISCOVERED: Martin Compston, Adrian Dunbar, Extra


May 28, 2021 – 3:22 pm BST

Nichola Murphy

As soon as the cameras stop rolling, lots of them Exercise of duty Stars go home to their wives, husbands and partners. While many of them may keep their private lives away from the public, those like may like Martin Compston, Keeley Hawes and more shared some details about their wedding anniversaries and marriages.

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The next performer down the aisle will be Vicky McClurewho got engaged to fiancé Jonny Owen over a cup of tea on Christmas Day 2017. But they were planning a wedding in 2019 delayed their wedding due to full appointments.

In the meantime, check out what we know about the other Line of Duty stars’ weddings …

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Martin Compston

Martin’s wife, Tianna, looked stunning in a strapless wedding dress

Martin Compston married his wife Tianna Flynn in June 2016 in his Scottish hometown of Greenock. The Lovebirds tied the knot at St. Joseph’s Chapel with guests like Martin’s co-star Adrian Dunbar before hosting their reception at Mar Hall.

He shared several setbacks of his wedding day with fans showing off Tianna’s gorgeous bridal look. She opted for a strapless wedding dress with a tulle skirt and diamond belt paired with sparkling heels and a bouquet of yellow roses.

Adrian Dunbar

Adrian and Anna married in 1986

Adrian Dunbar, who plays Superintendent Ted Hastings, met his current wife Anna Nygh on a blind date with actor Joanne Whalley. The Line of Duty star and Australian actress tied the knot in 1986 and share a daughter named Madeleine.

Although Adrian didn’t post many details or pictures of the big day, he made a rare comment on his marriage on BBC Radio 4. The actor said, “I don’t know anyone I could have met who could have dealt with.” I. I have my wife and she is a very good one. I wouldn’t let her down. “

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Keeley Hawes


The couple met on the set of Spooks

Keeley Hawes and Matthew Macfadyen met on the set of Spooks in 2002 and were married two years later in an intimate ceremony. At the time, Keeley was seven months pregnant with their daughter Maggie. They are also parents to son Ralph, while Keeley shares son Miles with ex-husband Spencer McCallum.

While Keeley and Matthew keep their wedding a top secret, they are clearly still very much loved. She told The Telegraph, “I love being married to Matthew, and I know Matthew loves being married too.”

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Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham wife

Stephen and Hannah married in 2008

Stephen Graham and his wife, Hannah Walters, were friends long before they married in 2008. The couple met while they were students at Rose Bruford College of Language and Theater in London, and the actor told Leicestershire Live in 2018, “We were bezzie pals. What’s the best way, isn’t it? After a while, thought we just: That’s stupid, you know what I mean? We like each other, we should meet. “They share two children, Grace and Alfie.

Kelly Macdonald


Kelly and her ex-husband Dougie split in 2017

Kelly Macdonald or DCI Joanne Davidson and musician Travis star Dougie Payne reportedly lived 10 minutes apart when they were kids, but didn’t meet until they were introduced by mutual friends in 2000.

They married in August 2003 but separated in 2017. They share two sons: Freddie and Theo.

Shortly before their wedding, she told the story The independent one From Dougie: “Such beautiful eyes and a big open face and he’s real and he loves kids. And he’s the most tactile person. It’s really cute.”

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