Let the wedding come to you

A wedding chapel set out on a sunny June day. It was just another day for the Chapel on Wheels that brings the wedding right to your doorstep – wherever that may be.

“One time a couple saw us driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike, my phone went off and they said,” We’re going down the turnpike and saw your chapel and we’d love to have you marry us, “said Bil Malbon, the owner of Tiny Chapel Weddings based in Ashland, Virginia.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mr Malbon said his services have become even more sought after as couples have looked for creative ways to downsize.

Couples interested in a mobile wedding, be it a traditional church affair or a Pinterest-worthy party, always have more options.

Inspired by the tiny house movement, Mr Malbon had always dreamed of opening a small wedding chapel after he retired. He was already a Baptist minister but was working as a network technician for Virginia State in Ashland to pay the bills. He finally retired ten years ago and worked for nine months with an architect friend to build the 75-square-meter chapel with two pews. The chapel, which has been on the road since 2015, can accommodate a maximum of 20 people. “The charm of the small wedding is that I bring you church, but the other thing is just being able to go to a small church,” said Mr. Malbon. “The change in intimacy is amazing.”

Prices start at $ 650 for weddings within an hour’s drive of Ashland, Virginia; Out of state weddings start at $ 1,600. The Tiny Chapel will travel everywhere. Tinychapelweddings.com

Designed for pop-up weddings, this 1950s Kenskill teardrop pendant features a vintage neon sign that reads “Sure”. Victoria Hogan, the owner and founder and pastor of the Universal Life Church at Flora Pop, will bring her teardrop trailer within an eight hour drive from Las Vegas, where she lives. And she also delivers an Elvis impersonator, champagne, flowers, and wedding cake donuts. In May 2021, she did 40+ weddings and drove anywhere from the desert to the Las Vegas Strip. “It’s your one-stop wedding shop,” said Ms. Hogan. Most of her couples opt for no guests, although Ms. Hogan can accommodate up to 15 participants.

The Wedding Chapel on Wheels was once a fire engine turned with the help of the reality country music TV show “Trick My Truck”. It is equipped with stained glass windows, a pipe organ, two pews and an altar. The only clue this was once a fire engine is its speed: The Guinness Book of Records officially named the best wedding chapel “the world’s fastest wedding chapel” when it hit 100 km / h, said Darrell Best, an owner des chapel located in Shelbyville, Illinois. Weddings are performed on the back of the truck, which looks like the front steps of a church. Sometimes, however, couples request a wedding on the go, where one person drives the chapel while another does the moving service (actual move). If the chapel is stationary, any number of outside people can take part in the wedding ceremony.

Starts at $ 200 for local weddings; $ 2 per mile when leaving Shelbyville Chapel. You will travel anywhere. Bestweddingchapel.com

After watching so many people postpone their weddings during the pandemic, Joyce Richard of Springfield, Ohio said she had an idea: “I’ve seen people make mobile bars out of horse trailers, so why not have a wedding organize in a horse trailer? ” It has a white horse trailer that is rustic and festive inside, decorated with stained glass, artificial turf and rustic furnishings. Ms. Richard said she conducted about one wedding a week and set them up in public parks, lakes, gardens and backyards. It can host up to 15 people and all weddings include flowers, champagne, cupcakes and a 30-minute ceremony.

$ 300, available within five miles of Springfield, Ohio. www.facebook.com/hitchedmobile.

Michelle Boyle of Sherwood, Oregon loves creating Pinterest-worthy masterpieces. First, she built an entire village, aptly named My Tiny House Village, a collection of tiny rental houses in Oregon. But shortly after the initial lockdown, while everyone else was playing with sourdough at home, she decided to host a pop-up wedding on wheels. And that’s how Oregon Teardrop Rentals’ “Wedding on Wheels” came about. Mrs. Boyle arrives with the bright red, teardrop-shaped motorhome and opens the actual galley, which becomes the altar / serving area. Couples must bring their own officer, but the teardrop RV can serve as a road trip honeymoon suite. (Couples can dock their own vehicle to the RV and Ms. Boyle offers them a short driving lesson.)

Starts at $ 3,000, will travel anywhere. Oregonteardroprentals.com