Learn how to have a digital wedding ceremony in 2021

How to have a virtual wedding in 2021

Almost seven out of ten weddings were postponed or canceled due to Covid in the past year, according to Bridebook research. The London-based wedding app predicted that the coronavirus would affect 64 percent of weddings in 2020, costing the industry an estimated loss of £ 87.5 billion.

Despite the difficulties, some couples still managed to find safe ways to get tangled up last year. The option was to postpone their ceremony online. As a result, there has been a significant increase in “virtual weddings”. Couples found them cheaper and more reliable in a climate of rolling locks.

While Boris Johnson’s roadmap to ending the lockdown has rekindled confidence in the idea that personal weddings will return in 2021, there is still some time before large soirées are possible again. Restrictions began to shift from March 8, and weddings could take place with up to six attendees. Weddings are also no longer restricted to couples under “exceptional circumstances”.

From April 12th, grooms and future brides can expand their guest list to up to 15 people and from May 17th to up to 30 people. Unlimited guest lists are expected to be allowed starting June 12th.

But not everyone is willing to wait that long or even endure the troubles that come with planning a wedding during a pandemic. For some, virtual weddings still look appealing. They can be organized in a relatively short time and allow the couple to enjoy an intimate day but share the special day with many loved ones.

But what exactly are virtual weddings and can they ever be compared to the real one?

What is a virtual wedding?

In a “virtual wedding”, an allowable number of guests gather online to watch a wedding ceremony that is taking place in a place of worship, licensed location, or registry office.

“My definition would be a small, intimate wedding with a limited number of guests, but many more who are watching live video stream from home,” says Michelle Jacobs, wedding and luxury event planner. Virtual weddings have an advantage, she says. “They give couples the opportunity to get married early and then have a big party when possible.”