Karan-Preeta wedding ceremony vogue: which of your two wedding ceremony outfits was extra trendy and spectacular?

Karan-Preeta wedding fashion: which of your two wedding outfits was more stylish and spectacular?

In Kundali Bhagya’s upcoming episodes, Karan and Preeta will remarry. in the their first wedding Karan got Preeta to marry him in order to get revenge on her. There was intense drama when his true intentions were revealed. This time Preeta gets Karan to marry her. She does it to save Karan from Mahira, who plans to kill his father. You can expect some sparks when Preeta’s true intentions are also revealed.

Check out a promo from the wedding episode this week.

Here is a quick poll of Karan and Preeta’s fashion choices for their weddings on the Kundali Bhagya show.

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