Kajal Agarwal wedding photos

Kajal Aggarwal shared the photo on Instagram and wrote: “At our wedding between Punjabi and Kashmiri we only had to include #Jeelakarrabellam జీలకర్రాబెల్లం – a tribute to Gautam and my individual relationships with South India!” At a wedding in Telugu, Jeelakarra Bellam means the union / marriage of the bride and groom. Jeelakarra (cumin) and bellam (jaggery) are made into a thick paste and placed on a tamalapaku (betel leaf). The bride and groom sit on each other’s heads while the Purohit chants mantras from the Vedas. Bride and groom don’t look at each other until this ceremony is over and this auspicious ceremony means the couple will stay together in bitter and sweet times ❤️ “(Photo: Kajal Aggarwal / Instagram)