Jeremy Edwards regrets turning down 2m for wedding ceremony images

Jeremy Edwards

  • Bang showbiz
  • March 17, 2021

Jeremy Edwards

Jeremy Edwards and Rachel Stevens were offered £ 2 million for photos of their wedding and other milestones in their relationship, but they turned it down – and he still regrets it

Jeremy Edwards regrets turning down £ 2million for photos of his relationship with Rachel Stevens.

The former “Hollyoaks” actor got engaged in 2002 to marry the S Club 7 singer, but the couple split the following year because of pressures over what control they were under and despite being the 50-year-old star admitting the financial package they were offered to photograph the milestones of their future together was “ridiculous”, he wished they had taken the money because it would have made his life better.

He said, “Rachel knows that. The attention was destroying our relationship. Both Rachel and I agreed that there was so much pressure when we got engaged.

“We had nowhere to go. I’m not kidding you, we were going on vacation and there would be a helicopter circling with people trying to take pictures of us by the pool.

“We were offered a stupid amount of money, £ 2 million to sell our wedding photos, honeymoon photos, and our firstborn, and I refused. I just thought, “This is ridiculous.”

“I wish I had. I could have made a hell of a lot of money and had a little more privacy. I would live in the Bahamas or something. “

Despite their split, Jeremy – who is expecting his second time with wife Lydia Metz – and Rachel are still friends, and he also knows her husband, Alex Bourne.

He told the Soap From the Box podcast: “When we broke up, we respected and still loved each other. It just wouldn’t work. Right. And that’s a nice thing.

“No one else was involved. So it was a mature thing.

“I see her around and we’re still friends, it’s nice. I know Alex and she met Lydia and all the rest. So it’s not a big deal. “

Meanwhile, Jeremy announced that he had been offered one of ‘Hollyoaks’ most famous acts – the rape of Gary Lucy’s character Luke Morgan in 2000 – to prevent him from leaving his role as Kurt Benson, but turned it down because he “didn’t feel” comfortable “and wasn’t sure he could” live up to “the harsh conspiracy.

He said, “I was very confident. They offered me the male rape story that made Gary Lucy brilliant, but they offered me that and I turned it down because I really didn’t know I could do it justice.

“At that time, I just said,” Oh, I don’t know. “I wasn’t comfortable with that. I found it pretty hard. I went and just went into the sunset and just wanted to keep it that way.

“But they wanted to tempt me, basically they wanted me to stay and I didn’t want to.”