“It is Greed”: The Provider’s Anger on the Standard Marriage ceremony Venue Curradine Barns’ New Accusations


A WEDDING venue was forced to make an embarrassing U-turn after heavy criticism that new charges were “sheer greed”.
Curradine Barns, one of the county’s top wedding venues, recently sent a letter informing companies that there is now a special list of suppliers such as photographers and florists who have to pay 10 percent of their fee to the venue.
In return, the 19th century wedding venue said
However, couples who do not book providers on the list will be charged an administration fee of £ 150 for each provider.
After hearing the news, Brett Sirrell, a magician who runs Amazing Magic and worked at the venue, told Worcester News, “In 25 years in the industry, I’ve stayed in every venue I’ve worked at never heard anything like this before.
“After the pandemic, suppliers and venues worked and stood together to support one another.
“If every venue brought this in, it would only destroy the industry, especially for people like me.
“It’s wrong, it’s greed.”
Cotswold photographer Jessica Raphael said: “I am utterly shocked and appalled.
“I’ve worked at Curradine Barns many times – it won’t work. I will refuse to work at Curradine Barns and advise couples in any other direction from now on.”
Angry suppliers also flooded posts on Curradine Barns’ Facebook page to combat the allegations.
Faye Dopson summed up the opinion of many authors: “I am so disappointed with this company. There are many well-run, professional and supportive wedding locations that I will recommend to my couples as well. “
But yesterday morning the Shrawley venue, whose rental is asking for up to £ 6,380, apologized in a post announcing it had scrapped the fees that were due to be introduced in January.
In the post, Curradine Barns said, “Sorry, we got that wrong.
“Curradine Barns maintains extremely high standards for venue, catering and suppliers.
“The cost of this is very high and there is significant investment being made in developing the venue to make it an even better place for weddings and suppliers.
“The idea was to build closer relationships with the best suppliers who could contribute to these costs, while in return we would offer significant benefits such as free marketing, flexible arrangements and on-site storage.
“Ultimately, we wanted to provide couples with the best possible service without increasing their costs.
“According to the proposal, no fees should be charged for existing venue bookings or new bookings from providers in 2021, only for new bookings from 2022 onwards.
“We thought this was a good idea and thought the prosecution was fair and commercial. However, it is clear that we were wrong.
“We have therefore decided to remove the proposed supplier fees.
“We apologize for any concerns this has caused and hope that we can continue to work together positively and welcome the best suppliers to continue offering their services at Curradine Barns.”