Iowa couple restore 50th anniversary marriage ceremony pictures

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CUMMING, Iowa – Planning for a photo shoot to recreate wedding photos from 1971 began three years ago. Carolyn Gay’s first step was to grow her hair to the length it was on that cold and foggy March day 50 years ago when she said “I do” to her husband Kelly.

The gays know the two Hoyles Sam and Kaylie from Two Hoyles Photography through the Iowa Donor Network. Kelly had a liver transplant 17 years ago. The group met in church on the eve of the couple’s 50th anniversary and snapped new photos based on the old wedding album, including a double exposure and a candlestick in the background that appears to be growing out of Kelly’s head.

Carolyn also kept track of the wedding and honeymoon receipts. Her dress was $ 45 at Younkers. The front desk was $ 63.82. The total for five nights at the Place d’Armes Hotel, which still operates in New Orleans, was $ 91.20, including parking.

The key to staying married for 50 years? Kelly jokes that learning to say, “Yes, honey” helped 49 years ago, adding, “We just found a way to get over the hard parts and enjoy the other parts.” included Kelly’s transplant and Carolyn’s breast cancer. The other parts include her three children and four grandchildren.