“I used to be subsequent to me”: The way it felt to disclose Kate’s marriage ceremony gown designer to the world

“I was next to me”: How it felt to reveal Kate's wedding dress designer to the world

To complicate matters, Kate Middleton took the form at this point of shunning well-known designers in favor of relative strangers. While the fashion press prayed that she would fly the flag of London Fashion Week for the best, it was notoriously undesigned, and there was a real possibility she would choose a dressmaker recommended by a friend. With no real traces, it looked like it was up to me to identify the dress on the spot. If I’m wrong, I could hang my manolos forever.

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As if that weren’t enough, my colleague asked me to prepare “a line”. “You know,” she said calmly, “to say something memorable when she gets out of the carriage; something like ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’. ”I brainstormed with my children, but drew a gap. My son and the entire school community watched in the school auditorium. The pressure!

And then, when I wanted to leave the office at 5 p.m. on the eve of the wedding, there was the mother of all wardrobe crises. Turns out the BBC’s Sophie Raworth and I picked the exact same dress. I hate avoidable dramas so everything that could be prepared in advance had been meticulous. And here was the most avoidable drama of all. I had nothing to wear. If I hadn’t produced a fashion marvel at the last minute, Sophie and I would all be ready to present ourselves like matching Staffordshire porcelain dogs. Carry out a command-style attack on Knightsbridge in an eleventh hour shopping spree.