How To Plan Indian Wedding ceremony Whereas Residing Outdoors India


Many Indians live abroad with their families because of their jobs or businesses there.

These people are usually very sensitive to maintaining their diverse social and religious traditions at all of their festivals. They would like to celebrate the weddings in their families according to all Indian customs, for which they should gather all necessary information in the countries in which they are now staying.

Indian wedding costs in other countries

Wedding costs vary from country to country depending on the prices of flowers, clothing, groceries and other items needed to conduct an Indian wedding ceremony. Hence, it is best to hire an experienced wedding planner from the country where an Indian couple is looking to tie their marriage knot. The local planner can provide the estimated cost of the Indian wedding taking place there.

Event Policy

There are different guidelines for booking wedding venues in different countries. Hence, it is best to rely on the advice of the hired wedding planner who should know all about this country’s event policy. This planner helps the client book the best wedding venue within the new couple’s budget.

Wedding invitation

Indian couples living outside of India can purchase typical Indian style wedding invitations from the websites of reputable wedding card manufacturers. All you have to do is specify your requirements and choose from the templates displayed, which can be further personalized depending on your selection. Hence, wedding card manufacturers are creating an Indian wedding invitation for the US, UK and Canada in the traditional Indian style.

Wedding theme and flower arrangements

The wedding theme can be chosen according to Indian traditions or according to the advice of the foreign wedding planner commissioned there. When a destination wedding is selected, the theme is selected according to the type of that location. Likewise, the flower decoration of the wedding venue can be done with various beautiful flowers that are available abroad, so that there are many options available to the hired decorator of the wedding venue.


Dance and music can also be the universal entertainment for wedding guests abroad. New couples can hire DJs to play appropriate music and choreographers to teach all of the dance steps. This allows your relatives and friends to enjoy their wedding even though they are so far away from home.

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Clothing & jewelry

The new couple has to find Indian wedding attire in a foreign country too. You can search online and buy suitable wedding dresses and accessories from reputable Indian brands. Indian fashion designers can also be contacted for bespoke Indian wedding dresses. Many Indian jewelry stores offer their gold and silver jewelry online for purchase by NRI couples.

Length of the ceremony

The length of an Indian wedding depends on the religious rituals that the new couple and their families follow. Usually, all of the religious customs for a wedding can be done within a few hours. Afterwards, wedding guests can enjoy the reception party.

Strict number of guests

Unlike India, some countries may have restrictions on the number of wedding guests. The hired wedding planner can provide guidance in this regard so that his Indian customer does not have to face any legal problems. The Indian new couple should invite their friends there according to the number of guests allowed.

Food and catering services

Wedding guests should be treated with delicious food according to Indian tradition. Therefore, the local caterers should be hired to offer tasty and healthy food to everyone invited to a wedding. Some Indians may prefer to offer their guests Indian cuisine to talk about with their hired caterers. They can also buy Indian sweets online for their guests

Selected photography

Every new couple wants to have beautiful photos from their wedding ceremony for which they should hire a skilled photographer. A foreign photographer may not be used to Indian wedding rituals. Therefore everything about the wedding functions of the Indians should be explained to him so that he does not miss an important moment.


An Indian couple’s wedding reception should be organized according to the local customs of the country in which they are currently staying. Since most guests are expected to be local friends, the new couple should arrange local food and music to keep them entertained.

Hence, planning an Indian wedding outside of the country is not difficult, although it may be a little different from ethnic Indian marriages.

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