Ad-lib Pride & Prejuidce: “It is a generally accepted truth that a designer (in India) who is in possession of a fortune must depend on a bride.” Bridal fashion has been the proverbial money cow for Indian designers for years. Now that the wedding industry and the whole idea of ​​the big fat desi wedding is being rethought, the wedding fashion industry is trying to reinvent it too

However, couturiers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla are confident when they say: “At this moment we are still very busy introducing, designing and sketching new collections. This lockdown will end and restrictions on weddings and gatherings will be relaxed. And our appetite for beauty and celebration will return. ”

Most of the couture in India is driven by the wedding industry. Indian fashion grandmother Ritu Kumar says, “It is difficult to predict the new landscape of wedding fashions, but the new wedding attire would be more classic.” She believes there will be a return to the 90s when simpler, cheaper styles with multiple portability were the norm. Kumar adds, “As a culture, we save. And the consumer’s thought process would return to value for money. People’s spending will be far more conservative. “People also demand sustainable wedding fashion.

(Ritu Kumar)


Jani-Khosla says there has been a culture in India to appreciate and adore the handcrafted. Khosla adds: “The wealth of our artisans and Karigars, our techniques and textiles is unsurpassed. It is a fountain that we will continue to draw inspiration from. Budgets should never mean giving up on beauty or excellence. “Designers claim that there will be more mindful spending.


For quite some time now, the wedding industry has followed the design sensibility that makes for a well-photographed wedding. Now the fashion must be ready for a digital revision, especially since the wedding sizes are small with no more than 40 guests. The demand for clothing that photographs well is the way forward.

(Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla)


Heirlooms and popular wedding dresses will be a big trend. Kumar says that your dream wedding outfit may be in your mother’s closet, adding, “The conservative bridal outfit will return.” Think conservative colors, understated embroidery, and simpler looks. As Jani says: “A smaller wedding can and will be absolutely beautiful. You keep it intimate, fewer people and functions. But there is no holding back on the details, the finesse, the style. ”


Kumar is certain that fashion cycles will change in the future. “Lately we’ve been amazed by the seasonal ups and downs in Europe. Now there will be a tendency not only to wear Indians but also to adapt things that suit us and our weather. “And it’s a universally accepted truth that we Indians love our desi weddings, and that could be the good news the fashion world is waiting for.

Thumb picture: Ritu Kumar