How Hitched Marketing Co. is taking the wedding industry by storm with their automated sales system

Some things never change – like people’s desire for instant gratification. They want things to get done and they want them to be done yesterday. If, as an entrepreneur, you cannot give your employees what they want quickly enough, they go elsewhere, even if this is at the expense of brand loyalty and product quality.

So how can you prevent this from happening to you?

How can you use people’s desire for instant gratification to your advantage and keep market share and brand loyalty in your corner instead of your competition?

The answer is simple: automation.

With automated systems by your side, you can run your business quickly and efficiently without compromising quality or progress. You see, with automation, you have a productivity system that runs on the autopilot and turns prospects into paying customers while you a) work in your genius zone and b) have more time with me.

If there is anyone who knows exactly what automation can do for a company, it is Hitched Marketing Co., who are revolutionizing the way the wedding industry works. You see, when they started editing Facebook ads for a local wedding venue, and their marketing expertise brought in so much new business that the venue secretary just couldn’t keep track of them all. This meant missing out on a lot of business – again people want things done yesterday and they weren’t getting that from a venue that didn’t catch up on time.

This is where most people in the shoes of hitched marketing would cut their losses and use their customers for a general automation system – but this wasn’t an option. Instead, they created a fully automated sales system specifically for wedding venues, designed to make inquiries quickly so secretaries and salespeople don’t have to do it. The result was twofold: First, the tracking was faster than ever. Second, the secretary was able to get back to the duties she was best at, which resulted in the venue running smoother as a business as well.

Now this automated system would help wedding venues in the US and all the way across the pond in the UK and France, and it was found that one venue grew from 5 bookings in 2 years to 20 in 2 months. while helping another make over 150,000 in revenue in less than 90 days. As you can see, it’s already been a lifesaver for many venues, and things don’t look good until Hitched Marketing Co. expands their reach.

You can find more information about the company and their fast, effective and profitable system on their website and on various social media channels that you can find below.

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Published on February 13, 2021