Hitched’s upcycled masked wedding ceremony costume highlights the return of ceremonies

Hitched's upcycled masked wedding dress highlights the return of ceremonies

Wedding planning website Hitched celebrated Freedom Day by unveiling an upcycled wedding gown made from 1,500 discarded face masks.

The redundant sanitary ware has been brought to life to raise awareness of the growing mountain of rubbish of unwanted face coverings and to invite couples to step down the aisle in style now that wedding ceremonies and receptions are back in England.

W Communications’ campaign claims that an estimated 100 million single-use surgical masks will be thrown away every week in the UK during the pandemic, the vast majority of which will end up in landfills.

Redirecting a small portion of this, Hitched aims to bring the topic out into the open while encouraging couples to take advantage of the easing of restrictions to cement their partnerships in style.

Hitched Editor Sarah Allard said: “We are overjoyed that weddings will return to England with no legal restrictions. With thousands of weddings scheduled to take place this summer, couples can now look forward to the reopening of dance floors, standing receptions and photos full of smiling faces with the PPE restrictions lifted.

“However, we cannot ignore the waste problem created by the pandemic, and now that guidelines on masks at weddings have finally changed, we wanted to create a garment that not only symbolized how far we both and as a united industry and as a nation, it also takes advantage of these unused masks.

“Although masks are no longer required by law, we encourage couples, guests, and suppliers to judge on the wedding day, but we can’t wait to dance, hug, and see happy reunions again.”

The carefully put together dress contains no less than 1,500 knitted face masks for brides who want to dress to impress on their wedding day.

Weddings have long been fertile ground for marketers with Taco Bell, Ikea and Burger King targeting the happy day for their own promotions.

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