The wedding season has started and balloons are the latest trend in wedding arrangements.

This is where Misti balloons in the Columbia Mall in Grand Forks come into play. Misti Kauffman owns the business, and she predicts balloons will be a staple for weddings in the years to come

“Balloons are very trendy at weddings right now,” said Kauffman. “Especially balloon garlands with pieces of flowers, regardless of whether they are real flowers or real flowers and things or silk flowers. They are very popular for backdrops (and) for photo areas. “

Kauffman opened Balloons By Misti in late March 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic began. Kauffman said the balloon industry has gotten into a tailspin over wedding cancellations.

“Many balloon artists rely on these big events,” said Kauffman. “A lot of those things got canceled, and we had events that were also canceled when things were shut down.”

People persevered, opting for drive-by and outdoor weddings, as well as traditional weddings with limited attendance. Zoom Bridal showers even became popular, and Kauffman created balloon decorations for these events as well.

Kauffman said she believes her clients continued to spend money on balloon arrangements because they didn’t have to pay as much for venues and other expenses during the pandemic. Their business continued to flourish as weddings, parties, and other outdoor celebrations became popular.

The balloon industry adapted with restrictions for weddings, and Kauffman began making balloon arrangements specifically for outdoor weddings. Customers bought balloon arrangements from her for makeshift ceremonies.

“A lot of outdoor décor emerged over the past year as a solution for people who wanted to get married during the pandemic but couldn’t because their venues were canceled and things like that,” Kauffman said. “They came up with things to decorate outdoors wherever they got married. It has become a very popular thing. “

Customers continued to buy balloons for pandemic-proof weddings and other celebrations. She said the trend in balloon arrangements for outdoor weddings will continue.

“I think people have realized they don’t have to have this fancy place,” Kauffman said. “They (choose) smaller and more intimate gatherings, they do it outdoors and in parks and backyards, and the balloons can morph wherever you are. Actually, that’s a pretty popular trend. “

Balloons by Misti sells all kinds of arrangements, from party poles, garlands, simple pillars, arches to custom made items.

Garlands have also become very popular for weddings. Garlands between 5 and 9 feet long usually fit easily in a car, but Misti balloons can deliver them and display them at a wedding if they’re larger.

“There’s also a big trend in the big glowing letters or numbers and things like that and adding balloons to make them pop even more. So these are all very trendy things,” Kauffman said.

Kauffman said balloons are popular at weddings because they are an age-safe way to add joy and a carefree charisma to any event.

“If you see a child with a balloon, it’s the same with adults and balloons,” said Kauffman. “There’s only one thing about a balloon that makes people happy. Weddings are very happy occasions and so this translates into the happiness and joy that culminate in that wedding. ”