Hazel shares wedding photos that expose breakup rumors

Hazel and Tarik from 90 Day Fiance went through a lot before getting married. After troubling some fans, Hazel shared evidence that they are still together.

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan appeared in the eighth season of 90 days fiancewhere fans could see the couple working through their problems and deciding whether to stay together or not. Although many doubted the couple would take the next step, Tarik and Hazel got married at the end of the season. They shared some of their recent troubles in the Tell-All episode, leading fans to believe the couple were on their way to parting. However, in Tarik and Hazel’s recent posts, fans believe they are still going strong.

Hazel came to Tarik in Virginia and came all the way from the Philippines to establish a relationship with him. Much of their trip, shown on the 90-day fiancé, included both desires to find a girlfriend. They don’t have the same tastes in women, however, and the couple’s ex-girlfriend, Minty, was a great source of their problems on the show. Hazel became jealous and showed signs that Minty wanted Tarik to herself. Hazel has revealed on multiple occasions that she doesn’t like Minty after the bitter breakup, but Tarik refuses to stop contacting her and insists that they remain friends.

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Many fans have started calling for Tarik’s ill treatment of Hazel, particularly because they refused to keep in touch with his ex. Although Hazel seems willing to compromise by allowing them to speak in a group chat that she can see, fans have sided with Hazel that he should stop talking to Minty if his wife is so is uncomfortable. His stubbornness on the matter led some to believe that Hazel and Tarik had reached a difficult point in their relationship.

The couple sparked more breakup rumors after a bizarre Instagram live that saw Hazel walking down a seemingly deserted street in the middle of the night. Fans were concerned that this was a sign that Hazel was no longer happy to live with Tarik and that they stopped following and then followed each other again on Instagram. Recently, however, the two have been following each other and Hazel has posted throwback pictures from their wedding.

Hazel’s Instagram post with intimate pictures from their wedding contained the couple’s name, as she called them “#tarzel”. Tarik also posted a video his wife calling out online haters who attacked Hazel’s appearance and sexuality. He finished the video calling her perfect and labeled it “#naturalgirlsrock” and “#AsianAngelina”. She commented on the post and said “awwww” with a heart eyes emoji. Although the two have had their ups and downs since season eight 90 days Fiance aired, the couple still appear to be in love and prosperous. Most fans hope this won’t be the last time they will see Tarik and Hazel as they haven’t finished making a girlfriend.

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