Gwen Stefani’s sons would play a particular position of their marriage ceremony


Gwen Stefani’s children are so “excited” about her wedding to Blake Shelton that they would have a special attendance at the ceremony. According to People, the singer’s three sons, Kingston, Zuma and Apollo, will “have a large part” in their wedding. “Gwen’s sons are just really solid, cute kids, and they’re very excited to have Blake and Gwen getting married,” sources revealed. “You can’t wait to be by your side.”

The insider also revealed how Shelton’s relationship with the boys developed over the years. “Right from the start, Gwen made it clear to Blake that her boys were number 1 in their lives, and Blake always respected that,” says the source. “He never wanted to exceed and made sure everyone was comfortable with his role in their sons’ lives.”

© GettyImagesGwen Stefani, her children, and Blake Shelton.

“Gwen always raved about how great Blake is with the guys,” says the Stefani source, as reported in the publication. She feels so happy that he is helping her raise her. Gwen is extremely grateful for his love and guidance. “

In an interview with radio host Bobby Bones, Shelton revealed that it was imperative for him to have Stefani’s sons close by during the proposition. “The only thing I planned was that I knew I wanted to do it in Oklahoma while all of their kids were there [and our siblings]”Shelton said.” I didn’t mean to take them away or take anything private from the kids. I thought it was important that the kids be a part of that moment, so I did. “

2020 Carousel of Hope Ball© GettyImages“I didn’t want to take them away or take something private away from the children.”

According to the famous person, although Shelton, 44, and Stefani, 51, started a friendship at work and got divorced, their relationship is not like the old saying, “New love drives out old love. ”

“At first they ignored their divisions and found light in each other, but they quickly realized that they have so much more in common than just suffering from heartbreak,” says the insider. “They are incredibly close to their families and their lives are deeply rooted in their beliefs. It just fitted so seamlessly into her life and vice versa. “

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