Girl ‘virtually unrecognizable’ after the 11th loss when wedding ceremony photographs virtually made her cry


A self-confessed food addict nearly lost 11th place after photos from her wedding brought her to tears.

Sneyd Green’s Lindsey Pearson-Davies weighed 23 pounds when she married partner Chris in late 2019.

She was diagnosed with diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and decided that there was something she had to do for her health.

After viewing her wedding photos in January, action was taken.

Twelve months later, Lindsey managed to lose 10st 12lbs and her weight dropped to 12st 12.5lbs.

Lindsey, a height of 32, said people struggled to recognize her after her remarkable weight loss, Stoke Live reports.

The self-confessed “food addict” Lindsey has almost lost 11th place

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She said, “I got married in late 2019 and when I saw my wedding photos I cried.

“The new year came and I just thought to myself, ‘I can’t do this anymore’. I killed myself and knew that if I didn’t do anything then, I would never do it.”

The 36-year-old only has a handful of pounds to lose before she reaches her goal weight. Now she wants to share her story to inspire others to become happier and healthier.

She said, “You have to believe in yourself and believe that you can. For me something just clicked as I walked through the doors of my group. I had tried to lose weight a number of times, but it was my first time with Slimming World.

“When I started I had another counselor named Heather who lost 10.5 and that was so inspiring to me. It’s daunting when you know you have a lot to lose but after talking to her you knew I think it is possible. “”

Lindsey says people don’t recognize her anymore

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Lindsey has regained her confidence and is no longer struggling to find clothes that fit her.

“I was a size 32 when I started. I told myself I wanted to be a size 22 by Christmas, but I got there by July. Now I’m a size 14.

“I was on the verge of not being able to buy clothes. The only place I could get things was your clothes in Hanley.

Lindsey in the woods

The 36-year-old was also diagnosed with diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome

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“I wore those long tunic tops to cover my stomach – everything looked like a tent on top of me. Now I can go to any store and know something will fit.

“I feel like I now have a personality and can really express myself and be who I want to be instead of hiding – I shine from within.

“I’m now getting Facebook memories from a year ago when I just started my journey and lost about a stone and a half, and I don’t recognize myself!”

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Lindsey isn’t the only one having success with her weight loss – her husband Chris also managed to lose 4th place by changing his eating habits.

She added, “Our bed is now 15th lighter! We had to have a king size bed and could barely fit, but now we have room for the dog.

“I’ve always been a food addict, but now I’m food addicted for better foods and I still enjoy all of my meals.

“I have about four meals a day and the servings are always large. If I don’t finish, that’s fine, but I’d rather fill myself up so I don’t snack.

Lindsey and Chris

Lindsey married Chris in late 2019

Lindsey before the diet

Lindsey was a size 32 and struggling to find clothes

“I admit I don’t have a lot of syns, but it worked for me. If I should have a reward, meringues are great as you can have around 10 for half a syn. I also love jelly and fruit or I make.” my own apple and rhubarb crumble with a low-syn yogurt and grapenuts muesli.

“I like to keep it simple and to eat clean, with half a plate of lettuce or veggies with every single meal. Simple meals have no hidden synchronizations. I actually made my own serving plate at Emma Bridgewater when I started my journey and I use it it as often as I can. “

Lindsey also credits Walking for helping her on her weight loss journey – something she only started after losing 6th place. Now she walks between 20 and 25 miles a week.

“I used to park right next to the disabled bays because my ankles were so swollen and I was really having problems. I live 0.3 miles from work and I refused to go there. I always drove.

“Now I’m the person who walks my friends and my husband and sees how long I can make the routes! I always think, ‘where can we go next?'”

Lindsey's healthy diet

Lindsey changed her diet

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Lindsey also says that “consistency is key” and encourages people who are just beginning their journey to keep things as “simple” as possible.

“One of my biggest tips would be to keep it simple – there’s no point in complicating it. When I started I came home and cleared my closets of all the goodies I had and gave them to my family and friends So I didn’t have that temptation.

“Slimming World gave me my life back. I didn’t want to prevent Covid from achieving my goals. In early 2020, I told myself that this was my year to be selfish and finally to change something.”

“Now people don’t recognize me anymore, especially after they haven’t seen a lot of people during the lockdown. I’ll wave to people on the street and they won’t know who I am. I’m so much more confident now – I’m even skipping!”

“I really feel like me for the first time.”