“Getting married is my first success in life” – says a person when he shares wedding ceremony images


A newlywed man has touted his new married status as the greatest achievement of his life.

The Facebook user identified as Akpevwe Rhoba Modjota went ahead to express his deep appreciation for God for making this possible.

Other important goals that he would like to achieve in his life were land, houses and cars.

His message as seen on the social networking website;

‘My first success as a man

All glory be to God

Land, houses and cars will follow accordingly

According to God’s plan and purpose


While sharing her new content on the video platform, the young lady revealed how the teachers worked and how they managed to play several women without getting caught.

Felicia says teachers have a clever way of storing their lovers’ numbers on their phones that will hide their ulterior motives and ultimately keep them running smoothly.

In addition, she added that teachers know how to tolerate women’s behavior as they interact with different students from different backgrounds.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com