Face masks mark as wedding fashion |  Vadodara news

Vadodara: At big, fat Indian weddings, the guests shower the bride and groom with flowers when they take the seven holy “Pheras”. But on Thursday at a wedding in Vadodara, the guests did not receive flowers. Instead, they and family members of the bride and groom were given face masks.
Nidhi Sonune and Shashank Jadhav made their marriage vows in front of the former’s house on Waghodiya Road. As guests poured in, the wedding organizers asked everyone to clean their hands with disinfectant and wear a face mask to protect themselves from a coronavirus pandemic.
“About 300 guests from Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and our hometown came to attend the wedding. So we decided to give everyone a face mask to protect them, ”said Nidhi’s uncle Shyam Sonune. He added that the family did not want to change the wedding date as they had postponed the wedding once in the past. Nidhi’s sister, who lives in the US, used to have some visa problems so the wedding date was changed to March 19th.
“It is true that the government has closed multiplexes and other places where people gather in large numbers. But the wedding was being organized right in front of our house and we had all the preventive measures in place, ”added Shyam.
During the wedding ceremonies, all the guests, including the children and the priest who chanted the mantras, obediently wore the masks. Nidhi and Shashank also only removed the masks at the end without worrying about what their wedding photos will look like.