Excessive profile superstar weddings amid lockdowns: those that adopted the principles and people who did not, leisure information

High profile celebrity weddings amid lockdowns: those who followed the rules and those who didn't, entertainment news

The nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus has now lasted over 50 days. While the government has relaxed some restrictions, people have still been told to distance themselves socially, wear masks in public, and not gather in large crowds. However, some high profile weddings seem to have broken the rules in the last few weeks. There were some who literally kept the event low-key, with limited individuals wearing protective masks in place. From the wedding of the son of the former Karnataka CM H Kumaraswamy, at which almost 100 people attended the simple wedding of the daughter of the Don politician Arun Gawli in a temple – here a look at the high-profile weddings that took place amid the lockdown.