Everything you need to know about this year's star weddings

Celebrity weddings are always a source of inspiration and daydreams. Unique wedding dresses, impressive decorations, VIP guests, extraordinary engagements, wedding news from the royal family … Vogue tells you everything.

Engagement of the year

Celebrity engagements are often shared on social media and are always a topic of conversation. From the engagement ring to the announcement and upcoming celebrations, you can find everything Here is everything you need to know:


The decor, the ceremony, the dress, the guests … If you don’t want to miss out on the star weddings of the year, Instagram and social media are your greatest allies to sum up these extraordinary events. Several daydreaming ceremonies will take place this year.

The wedding dresses

At every celebrity wedding, all eyes are always on the wedding dress. Chiara Ferragni, Ellie Goulding, Hailey Bieber… Whether on a case-by-case basis or a retrospective of the most beautiful dresses of the decade, find out more about the most beautiful wedding dresses.

The honeymoon

Heidi Klum, Devon Windsor… While newlyweds fly to idyllic destinations, we review the dreamy locations and snapshots of this five-star honeymoon.

The interviews

In addition to star weddings, there are a variety of dreamy weddings that inspire Vogue readers. Exclusive interviews, powerful moments, photos from the big day as if you were there … Influencers, designers and artists as well as unknown couples with impressive weddings: let yourself be inspired.

Pregnancies and babies

Coming star babies are always good news. Day by day we keep you updated on the birth of mini celebrities.

The Royal family

Royal weddings attract the attention of fans around the world and are ubiquitous in the bridal world. Whether it’s a retrospective of the best looks, incredible couples, royal wedding dresses, or extraordinary guests … you will know everything about the big royals day.

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