Eman Sulemans Shaadi is redefining wedding fashion

KARACHI: When you think of Pakistani weddings, “less is more” isn’t an often seen phrase. The decor and clothing are always extra AF and if your outfit can’t compete with the bride’s Jora, have you even bothered to get ready? Fortunately, Eman Suleman and her guests seem to agree with us. And while we’re not talking about cost (because Zara Shahjehan’s and Hussain Rehar’s outfits also cost a bomb), the design aesthetic is minimal and gorgeous.

Starting with Eman himself – all three wedding outfits were simple and elegant. She wore the traditional red for the wedding but opted for white and ivory for the other events.

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Zara Peerzada finished second when it came to important looks. She was the perfect mix of east and west and wore traditional jhumkis with sunglasses.

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Rubab Ali was all about the short hair, the fusion sari and the big smile, while Saheefa Jabbar went for Hussain Rehar’s modern take on wedding fashion.

Photo: aizanaeem_Photo: Mahamiqbalbosan