Eight unimaginable marriage ceremony picture places, based on Vancouver photographers


Check out the best spots in town for photos.


Feature Photo: Sara Rogers Photography

Planning a wedding is not an easy task – it takes time and effort to create one Venue, choose flower, and choose gastronomy. The only thing couples don’t have to do? Search the city for beautiful and unique photo locations. As soon as you have decided on a photographer, he will look for the perfect, light-flooded spots for your portraits. And according to these four local photographers, Vancouver is full of breathtaking places. Read on to learn about the best beaches, parks, and urban areas to take photos.

1. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

“Nothing beats its majestic old trees. We have a few places we love to visit, but honestly, one of our favorite things to do is go for a walk with our couples and find new and interesting places to take photos. ” – cat and Jeff, The apartment photography

2. Railtown

“I love shooting in the Railtown area. The area has so many interesting buildings and an industrial feel that looks beautifully minimalist in wedding photos. The way lights and shadows interact in the city can result in very unique images that prove you don’t need a complex or traditional background. “ – Sara Rogers, Sara Rogers Photography

3. Downtown Vancouver

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver 2

“For urban photos, downtown Vancouver is a gold mine full of opportunities. We are very fond of older architecture so we often attract parkades in Gastown and some of the interesting spots around Jack Poole Plaza. For us, the goal is always to find an interesting vantage point with access to breathtaking light, which means that we like to create roofs and interesting corners. ” – Sam Rose and Chris Grandy, Island + oak photography

4. Jericho Beach Park

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver 3

“We love locations that offer many backdrops in one area – and Jericho does just that! It has romantic weeping willows, long grass, an old wooden bridge, a beach area, and even a city view. My favorite feature is that the sun sets in a perfect place to have a nice oil. to getIt flows through the trees and adds a little magic to every photo. ” —Kristy, Blush wedding photography

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver 5“This is a busy place – but with so many quiet corners, it’s a great option for wedding photos. There’s a lot of variety, including the beach, a field with trees, a pond area, and a cute little wooden bridge. The sunset in this place is also beautiful, which makes it an ideal place for golden hour photos! ” – Sara Rogers, Sara Rogers Photography

5. UBC

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver 11

“The variety of buildings and architectural styles is so wonderful that it’s so easy to be creative. And it’s such a huge campus that we find new places every time we visit! ” – cat and Jeff, The apartment photography

The best wedding photos in Vancouver 12

“UBC is probably our favorite well-rounded area for exploring photos. In the same session you will find forests, beautiful architecture, beaches, mountain views and much more. ” – Sam Rose and Chris Grandy, Island + oak photography

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver Dec.“UBC offers a great mix of natural beauty and interesting architecture. There are a variety of different backdrops, all within walking distance, and it’s just a short drive to other popular locations like Pacific Spirit Regional Park. I like to take portraits around the Museum of Anthropology, Buchanan Courtyard, Rose Garden and Nitobe Garden. ” – Sara Rogers, Sara Rogers Photography

6. Vancouver Art Gallery

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver 1

“We love to take photos in the Art Gallery because it looks timeless and classic – perfect for wedding photos. The concrete and urban area around it also gives the photos a modern and chic ambience, combines all the styles we like and offers something for every couple style. ” —Kristy, Blush wedding photography

7. Lighthouse Park

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver 6

“The combination of beautiful high forests and rocks by the sea makes Lighthouse Park one of our favorite places. After a short walk through the trees, you land on the ocean with a view of UBC and the wide open water. It’s the perfect place if you want to have two different looks without going to two different places. ” – cat and Jeff, The apartment photography

8. Mud Bay Park

Best Wedding Photos in Vancouver 7

“Tofino may be too far to visit for a meeting on a whim, but Mud Bay is the closest we have on-site. At low tide, the beach goes on for days – and if the waterline is too high, there are a number of interesting areas of grass to explore. It is a beautiful (and mostly unknown) piece of paradise that we like to visit. ” – Sam Rose and Chris Grandy, Island + oak photography

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