Bedroom | The Hoxton, Williamsburg

A mini moon beckons for budding honeymooners waiting to go to their fantasy location. Visiting an easily accessible place while the world is healing can satisfy the need to travel while waiting for the dream event.

You always wanted to visit Brooklyn – it just seems so cool. So she books you a room at The Hoxton, Williamsburg, a hotel that embodies the body and soul of the hip district. You were in Manhattan – now you are ready (with apologies to Leonard Cohen) to take Williamsburg.

As part of the smart, neighborhood-inspired global hotel group, this hotel was the first to open in the United States, with the goal of evoking the creative, gritty, iconoclastic vibe of its surroundings. Locals immediately claimed it was a meeting point, a sure sign that it had successfully accomplished its mission. At the north end of Wythe Avenue, it’s in the heart of the hood. The Hoxton is not demanding and offers space in three categories: “Comfortable”, “Comfortable with a view” and “Spacious”. She does not call these rooms small or compact – for them they are romantic and well-equipped, with a number of organizational features. You agree. In fact, she calls it intimate – and she’s right. And that view of the Manhattan skyline from picture windows? That’s all. Neither of you can look away during sunset.

Perhaps her favorite part of The Hoxton is the two-level common area. While the rooms have minimalist undertones that make the small space appear larger, the public areas exude a rich, eclectic mood. Brick walls, a staircase, a corner for two with a constantly playing film (enclosed by velvet curtains) and Klein’s, the hotel’s all-day restaurant, mark the space. The lobby bar invites you to have coffee in the morning and cocktails in the evening (or to drink during the day). A roof terrace, which is open in warmer weather, complements the options. The Hoxton, born from the bones of historical structures, aptly presents both the gravitas of the past and the enthusiasm for the inventive present. This is exactly the place where the two of you want to go for a casual long weekend on the town. You only have one problem. She loves it so much that she wants to move here.

The Hoxton, Williamsburg

Some tips from the team at The Hoxton, Williamsburg:


  • Domino Park: One of my favorite walks in Brooklyn – good people watching and it’s always nice to be by the water and get the classic NYC skyline pictures. Bring a signature NYC slice of Joe’s pizza or a snack on tacos at Tacocina (in Domino Park). A good place to start if you want to take the ferry to Manhattan or take a Citibike over the Williamsburg Bridge.
  • Use the “flexible time”: The Hoxton offers free flexible check-in and check-out. As long as you book through the hotel website, you can tell them exactly when you are arriving or departing. Perfect for couples who fly early in the morning or want to sleep after a long night
  • For art lovers: check out the Sketchbook Project / Brooklyn Art Library – a collection of over 50,000 sketchbooks by 30,000 artists. It’s free.
  • Window shopping on Bedford Ave: browse wacky vintage items (Beacon’s Closet, World of Walter) for elegant jewelry (Mociun) and everything in between.


  • Treat yourself to dinner at The River Cafe, one of the city’s classic gourmet eateries
  • Sunday in Brooklyn is known for its famous brunch (these pancakes are rightly Insta-famous), but I love it for dinner when it feels like the perfect neighborhood restaurant: cozy, tasty food and very flattering lighting
  • Drinks at Summerly, the rooftop bar at The Hoxton, Williamsburg. Cityscapes galore! [As of publication time, the restaurant was closed – so please call ahead and get the most up-to-date information]: Get pre-filled cocktails at the front desk and enjoy a nightcap in your room with glassware and a side dish.
  • Levain Bakery (incredible cookies and bread)
  • Beer lovers must sip at Brooklyn Brewery