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You first heard of Bodrum, one of the most exotic cities in the world, in an archeology class. It has mesmerized you for its wealth of ancient history, medieval ruins and as a gateway to the most breathtaking beaches in the world. You were amazed to know that there were not one, but two of the Seven Wonders of the World in the vicinity. Without seeing photos, you could imagine anything. You could hear the murmur of the markets, smell the fused scent of roses and hookah, imagine the cobblestone streets massaging your feet through your shoes as you steer through the centuries-old stones. You could also taste the salty sea air and feel the breeze on your face.

If I ever get married, you told yourself it would be someone who wants to go to Bodrum with me. Fortunately, you fell in love with her – and she had heard of Bodrum too. “It’s on the Turkish Riviera,” she said, eyes shining. She tells you that this area in southwest Turkey has more than 600 miles of coastline along the Aegean and Mediterranean. She was even interested in wandering dusty archaeological sites with you and photographing rotting ruins. Bliss! In that moment you loved her even more. When it came time to start planning your honeymoon, you searched and searched for a proposal that seemed even more romantic than the idea of ​​Bodrum itself. You finally found the solution. “Zephyria Yachting,” they shouted, laughing at your luck. She came running and wondered why you were so excited. “Why didn’t I think of it earlier?” You said. “Who needs a hotel! We will explore by boat. Zephyria – it’s a private yacht company. ”You tell her all of this as you open a bottle of crisp white wine and pour a large drop into two blue-tinted glasses. You knock gently, they clink musically. She takes the brochure from you. “Complete privacy? Our own employees? Total control where the boat is going? ”She asked rhetorically. “We would be the captains!” They cheer, hug them, and know that you have found the right trip to celebrate your union.

After some thought, you choose the seemingly ideal honeymoon ship: a three-cabin gulet, a handcrafted wooden yacht. “How romantic,” she hums. Your gulet is called M / S Serenity and consists of three crew members. “Intimate,” she says, and gives you a high five for your good decision. Since you have never been to the Turkish Riviera, opt for the classic blue cruise, a trip full of bays, fascinating anchorages, private bays and breathtaking views. They discuss what it will be like without really knowing – even though you both have dreams that you want to share. She wants to dine on the deck under the stars and do as many water sports as possible. She also plans to bring an extra suitcase to haul her artisanal shopping finds. You love the idea of ​​picnicking ashore, swimming naked, and eating your private chef’s weight in Turkish cuisine.

Zephyria II

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Zephyria Yachting trips feel like a bargain. They include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (all prepared by a chef using local products). The package also includes non-alcoholic drinks and many activities.

Turkey and Bodrum in particular are becoming increasingly popular with US travelers. Fly direct to Istanbul with stylish Turkish Airlines, which offers affordable and great business class. His Istanbul lounge is considered one of the most glamorous, comfortable and satisfying in the world. Most visitors spend a few days exploring bustling, mysterious Istanbul, then take the two-hour flight to Bodrum to begin their coastal cruise experience.