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A full day rigorous 17 mile paddle in rough seas alongside towering cliffs, interrupted waterfalls, valleys full of mangoes and guavas, sea caves, whales breaking, dolphins jumping, and the occasional rainbow? It’s a honeymoon.

They have been kayaking together for years. When you first met him, you knew he was the one. You had never met anyone as crazy about paddling as you – they might even love it more than you. Most of your free time together is spent in a kayak, canoe (or other ship you can find) that splashes over any body of water you come across. The activity kept you fit, but beyond that, it kept you together for a lifetime. Of course, when you were planning your honeymoon, you hoped he would agree. “Where do you want to go?” You asked him to read your mind.

“Napali Coast?” He said, knowing it was the right answer.

They had both laughed and hugged and enjoyed this synchronicity and connection. Of course, he too wants to be on the Garden Island of Kauai for the same reason as you. Paddle. On your long-awaited honeymoon in Kauai, experience Sea Kayaking Everest together – the famous, sometimes harrowing, extremely strenuous, forever stunning, cliff-lined, secluded stretch known as the Napali Coastline.

You arrive on the emerald island in the late afternoon, just in time to pick up a rental car and stop at your first hotel, the Sheraton Kaua’i Coconut Beach Resort, a boutique beach resort in the quintessential town of Kapa’a. You choose it for its aura of barefoot elegance and its ideal location on the north and south coast of the island. With views of the mountains and ocean, it immerses you both instantly in the quintessential Hawaii of your dreams. Palm trees sway, the fire pits are lit, an infinity pool appears to flow into the sea, and your ocean-view room has a huge terrace. Luckily, it’s luau night too, so you’ll have the chance to learn hula, sing along to ukulele players, watch fire dancers, and devour classic items like kalua pork and huli huli chicken. Filled you stumble into bed.

You have planned your honeymoon with the Napali Kayak Expedition as the grand finale. So you’ll explore the fourth largest, northernmost, and oldest of the Hawaiian Islands through a range of activities, some of which are organized by the hotel’s knowledgeable and easy-going staff. You can admire the tropical rainforests on a tube ride along a crystal clear river, while watching some waterfalls as you swim. One morning, cycle Waimea Canyon all the way to the ocean and watch the sunrise cast a myriad of hues. You’ll ride horses, soar like a bird in a helicopter, dive, climb, snorkel from an elegant catamaran, drink exotic cocktails in delightful small towns – Hanapepe, Koloa, Hanalei, and Waimea – and hike through Koke’e State Park. They try sushi and shave ice – and take turns trying to pronounce humuhumunukunukuapua’a, the name of Hawaii’s state fish.

The big day is finally coming. You will depart from Kauai’s north coast shortly after sunrise and pack your gear in pack sacks. You start with your guide from Ha’ena Beach, where the sea looks thankfully calm. But the waves get more unbridled, and soon you’ll be rocking like a roller coaster through the choppy water. Towering cliffs are home to sea caves that are enlivened by waterfalls. The rocks seem to touch the sky. The prospects distract your mind from the aches and pains in your muscles as the hours progressed. It’s a long, busy day – exactly what you wanted it to be. You finish with some excitement. If you paddle too hard, you can tip the vehicle over and throw each other into the foamy sea. Fortunately, your guide will lead you through the climb back – and in no time you will reach the end of the marathon. You return to the hotel with an endorphin high and photos that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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