Dream honeymoon: journey for horse lovers or to experience round


You love horses and they don’t. But you’re pretty sure that’s just because she didn’t get the chance to meet the right person. Doesn’t that work? You don’t know – until you know. Your dream is a honeymoon that you will spend galloping on a beach in Mexico. Your hair floats high in the air, rhythmically in tune with the horse’s mane as you ride. They will all be dressed in something airy and white, gauzy chiffon materials that move with the wind. You will both look ethereal and angelic – in complete harmony with your horses and the nature that surrounds you. You can even see yourself doing all of this in slow motion. At the right time – imagine – you stop in a hidden alcove, a secluded place by the sea. There you dismount, tie the horses to a palm tree, unroll a blanket and unpack a picnic for the royal set. It sounds like an ultimate dream. But first she has to look at a horse, let it ride. She has to make friends with the horse’s energy. Luckily for both of you, you have a honeymoon plan, some places for equine therapy.

h2 hotel

Option one:

She likes wine, so the h2hotel Horseback to Vineyards Adventure package, like the proverbial carrot, should serve the purpose. This eco-friendly property in downtown Healdsburg, California offers guests the chance to ride a horse through the famous Sonoma wine region while enjoying breathtaking views of Overlook Mountain and vineyards galore. You gallop through the colorful harvest vineyards of the Dry Creek Valley on the finest of stands. The 1.5-hour drive, so beguiling that there’s no time to worry, includes a gourmet picnic accompanied by a bright bottle of Dry Creek Vineyard Fumé Blanc. A tasting in Dry Creek Vineyard itself is the coup de gras – unless you count the return journey to the beautiful h2hotel, a LEED Gold-certified lodge in wine country chic. There you can enjoy free Dutch cruising bikes, the solar heated riverside pool and Healdsburg’s many galleries, shops and restaurants.

Package details: Offered now until November 24, 2021, the Horseback to the Vineyards package includes two nights at the h2hotel, two tickets for the Wine Country Horseback Adventure Ride at the ranch on Lake Sonoma, continental breakfast as well as a picnic and tasting for two at Dry Creek Vineyards. Prices start at $ 399 (taxes and fees not included). Available now through November 24th. Visitors can book the package here.

h2 hotel

Option two:

Not just for horse lovers, the breathtaking Carmel Valley Ranch – a hideaway stretching over 500 acres in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains along California’s Central Coast and just steps from Big Sur and Monterey – lets guests into the casual – Immerse yourself in the cultured atmosphere of the region with an abundance of possibilities. But his Equine Experiences program really embodies that part of California’s abundance of soul. Thanks to five happy horses willing to show a hoof to fearful people, the program offers therapeutic ways to bond with horses, a connection that has long been known to be healing to humans. Developed and directed by Robert G. Magnelli, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist also known as “The Horseman,” Equine Experiences can boost emotional health in a number of ways – or simply make a bright honeymoon happier. As an all-suite hotel in which every room has a fireplace and a view of the idyllic ranch land, this romantic paradise for outdoor lovers offers a huge selection of artisanal, nature-intensive adventures such as beekeeping and lavender harvest. Choose the Vineyard Oak Vineyard View Suite for its hedonistic outdoor tub.

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