Dream honeymoon: discover romance on Lake Como

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You both tend towards the hustle and bustle of urbanity, but for that special trip, your long-awaited honeymoon that you agreed – it had to be Lake Como, a famous destination in northern Italy. You thought she was a little too enthusiastic when she told you that George Clooney lived there. Surely she didn’t want to visit that? Hoping to spot him from afar? No, you’re safer than that. Plus, she can tell George anything she wants because you dream of seeing (and maybe driving) Ferraris and Lamborghinis, both makes of cars made in the nearby region of Emilia Romagna . The roads that surround Lake Como are literally made for running around in vehicles like this. Just ask James Bond.

Motivated, you’ll make honeymoon plans to explore this Y-shaped lake, which has been a haven for people who have fallen on their knees since Roman times. You have been looking at photos for months, encouraged by the dream. When you finally get there, look each other in the eye – just like you do – and nod. You made the right decision. Pines stain the mountains that rise directly on the lake. It indicates that the water, like a mirror, reflects the clouds and the cobalt sky. “It’s something Michelangelo would paint,” she says. But you focus on the serpentine road that goes through tunnels and mansions along the lake. You’re driving … wait for it … a red Ferrari. That was her surprise. She did a solid job for you arranging the rental through a VIP outfitter who picked you up at the airport with the keys and instructions in hand. “Don’t go too fast!” He had said something jokingly, because let’s be honest – nobody drives a Ferrari slowly. You still burst from the parking lot faster than intended. She giggles. You live the dream.

In the meantime, she doesn’t care about the car at all. She sighs with joy as you walk through tiny, quirky villages – each straight from a painting from the Uffizi Gallery. As you lash through turns, she tells you to slow down a bit so she can look out at the shimmering lake. She opens the window to sniff the air. Known for its windsurfing opportunities, sexy vintage speedboats, and outdoor cafes by the water, Lake Como will meet your expectations. “You know, a lot of A-listers come here,” she says dreamily. “Not just George (she looks at you with sideways eyes), but Versace, Richard Branson, Madonna – really everyone who is someone!” You drive slower in a village, the sign says Varenna. “We are someone,” you say. You kiss her before yelling to explore further. You still haven’t figured out how to speed up smoothly. Don’t worry, you will do it.

Finally you check into the honeymoon base: the lavish Grand Hotel Tremezzo, an Art Nouveau palace right on the water that was a popular meeting place for Greta Garbo. With its rich history, the Grand Hotel manages to feel contemporary and stylish as well as historical and elegant. The first thing you see is the huge, enticing swimming pool that appears to float on the waves of Lake Como. While she looks, the bellboys ask for the keys to your Ferrari. They flinch – but she grabs the keys and hands them to the friendly men while other chic guys grab your suitcases and lead you to the glamorous hotel. When you check in you will see her spin with happiness and take it all in. However, as you go upstairs to your room, drop your jaws at the same time. They’ve been upgraded to a corner rooftop suite – it’s spacious, modern, has an opulent bathroom, and a huge terrace with a hot tub. “We will never go. They have to deliver all of our meals, ”she says, putting on her bikini to test the water.

During your romantic stay, borrow the red Alfa Romeo Spider from the Grand Hotel Tremezzo (loanable to all motor heads). You tell her to compare it to the Ferrari and she understands. Even more magical, however, is that you can explore Lake Como from the water on a mahogany-sided RUY vintage boat. The excursion is carried out with a skipper and a guide, and you have the opportunity to visit such venerable villas as the Villa del Balbianello, an ornate palazzo from the 16th century that anchors an island in the middle of the lake. Parts of Star Wars II Attack of the Clones and Casino Royal were filmed here. Now, none of you care too much about cars or movie stars. The only story that matters is the one you’re making together at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo on Lake Como.