They call it your personal “love boat”. The magnificent 55-foot Hinckley yacht awaits you at Pier 7 Resort Marina in Annapolis on the east coast of Maryland. Polished, with wood inlay and leather flowers, it sways on the water. You take her hand and she throws off her four inch heels (why did she even wear them?) To step carefully on board. Her silky dress flutters in the wind and she grins at you and exudes joy. They follow her from the pier and hold these shoes. After all, you signed up for this when you asked her to be your wife. A neatly dressed skipper and his crew, some of whom perform multiple duties as butlers with white gloves, welcome you to the elegant craft. You both make yourself comfortable and find seats. She looks out to sea and you admire the smoothness of this boat. The staff pours champagne and offers a picnic basket. You bump into each other and look each other in the eye like you are the only couple on earth. Suddenly a dolphin jumps out of the water as agreed. She giggles with joy at the moon. Before you arrive, be sure. You made the right decision when you decided to woo them with a nautical honeymoon at one of the most luxurious seaside resorts on the Atlantic coast, The Inn at Perry Cabin.

After a 90-minute drive across the waters of Chesapeake Bay, you’ll shoot next to the charming colonial town of St. Michael (founded in the early 17th century and famous for its blue crabs in Maryland, as well as preventing an attack by the British during the Revolutionary War by you hanging lanterns at night), you will reach the inn on the edge of the Miles River. You hear her gasp and she reaches for your hand. The Butler Cum Sailors pour you another glass of champagne. In front of you, the beautiful resort, built as a mansion in 1816, extends over 25 hectares. Piers protrude into the water, and six house sailboats and yachts pepper the shore. It looks like every room faces the water, but don’t worry, you requested a suite with a terrace and a view. Fortunately, you read about this hotel a few months ago and learned about the “Skip the Bridge Package”. You booked that. That’s why you’re here So you arrived like a king with the yacht! How could you possibly resist?

Since the VIP check-in goes hand in hand with your “arrival on the water”, valet parking services in white-shorted valet will carefully bring your luggage to your suite. So take a moment to have another sip of Veuve Clicquot as you stroll the property on your way to your room. You watch some birds (maybe herons?) Gracefully land on the water, then walk the property and discover the expansive lawns (she sees the croquet mallets and asks you to play what you do, a huge pool, tennis courts and impressive Ways. The captain of the yacht mentioned a golf course, but you discover it’s not far away. When you finally get to your room you both pass out. Sophisticated but comfortable, stylish and palatial the suite exudes history. She says , she can feel the stories. The inn can tell. You want to make sure you write your own stories. When you say that she smiles smartly.

Credit Jay Fleming

Your first dinner is romantic and exclusive. They reserved one of the river houses, redesigned glass greenhouses that stand on the bank. You’ll dine here by yourself – just the two of you, watching the sun set over the water, drinking more champagne, nibbling on crabs, and an unforgettable gastronomic rendition of wild Maryland stonefish. They hold her hand and try to discuss the next few days. What does she want to do? Ride a bike into town? Learn to sail at the resort’s sailing academy? Are you visiting a rum distillery or brewery? Kayak? SUP? Are you hitting the links? Go to the wellness area? All of the above? You promise her that a week will be enough to do everything and more. She raises her eyebrows. You love it when she does.

In the end, you do everything and more. Somehow you even manage to relax after the wedding, which was a stressful affair. You fry marshmallows late at night, sip cocktails in the nostalgic signature pub, read books in Adirondack chairs, shop (you are just as excited to see that St. Michaels has loads of enticing boutiques), be in the Chesapeake Bay nerdy Maritime Museum and rent a car (with the help of the concierge) to explore some of the surrounding attractions, including Harriet Tubman Underground National Park in Church Creek, Maryland, which is only 45 minutes from the resort. But the coup de gras is Assateague Island, a 90-minute drive from St. Michael. Known for its famous shimmering beach, it also has – wait – wild ponies. This is your biggest surprise. As a child, her favorite book was “Misty of Chincoteague,” which was posted here. If you bring her here (the resort will pack you a picnic) she will be so happy that she will start crying. You vow to read the book yourself one day. You love it when she screams a happy scream. So you cry too.

Inn at Perry Cabin by Belmond

When you go:

The Inn at Perry Cabin is an intimate waterfront resort along Chesapeake Bay in St. Michael, Maryland. The boutique property houses 78 modern guest rooms and suites by the renowned designer Alexandra Champalimaud and is based on classic American design, casual elegance and a famous nautical identity. The award-winning Stars Restaurant is a coastal culinary adventure, offering seasonal, local specialties and exquisite wines in a sunny waterfront setting. The charming Purser’s Pub offers Chesapeake Bay favorites, an imaginative cocktail menu and a leafy garden courtyard. Other amenities include a botanical spa, sauna, full-service fitness center, outdoor pool and high tide bar, kayaking, paddling and cycling.