Digital wedding ceremony invites that inform a well-liked story within the pandemic yr


Digital wedding invitations with whimsical doodles and funny illustrations have been enjoying increasing popularity at Indian weddings for some time. And in the pandemic year, when many couples preferred to ditch the traditional (paper) invitations, illustrators received more requests for digital invitations. We’ve spoken to some illustrators to understand what couples typically look for in their wedding card illustrations.

E-invites adopted traditional wedding cards in the pandemic year

In the times of the pandemic, digital invitations with illustrations are no longer just for colleagues or friends. They are no longer an additional invitation with the main physical invitation. Radhika, who designs wedding card illustrations with her friend Kavita under the Two Mad Girls banner, says: “People used to have a traditional card and a fun, bespoke card, mostly for friends and colleagues. But during the pandemic, these bespoke digital wedding invitations are preferred to traditional wedding cards for everyone. We have also started adding elements such as sacred symbols to make the card acceptable to both the families and the couples. ”

Ruchita Bansal, founder and creative director of Izhaar, says, “Doodle art has become very popular amid the pandemic, as doodling is a dash of fun. In addition, these cards show tiny personal details. In fact, 60% of our invitations are now e-invitations. ”

Prerna Agarwal Saxena, a wedding planner, says these cards became popular because they combine “elegance with fun.” “They’re perfect for couples who want to flaunt their desi side with a contemporary twist,” she adds.

“Couples want to tell their story”

Illustrators say creating doodle cards can be a tedious process that involves understanding the couples, what they are looking for on the card, and the story they want to tell. Most cards tell either how they met or where they are going to get married. Some also include details about hobbies, their jobs, the cities they’re from, and more.

Sumouli Dutta, Illustrator at Woodle Doodle Designs, says, “I designed a card for a bride and groom who originally lived in different countries. Then they met and their families met, and the couple wanted it all on the menu. ”

Radhika explains how these cards contain personal information about the couple. She says, “Couples prefer to tell their stories through these wedding cards. Suppose a couple met on a beach, the map may have that. Or their personal interests, how a man likes to play baseball, a girl likes to take selfies – all these can be highlighted on the cards. “Anwesh K Sahoo, visual designer at The Effeminare, adds,” We have couples from different cultures who come from different cities and many want their wedding cards to reflect their respective cities. ”

From Bollywood poses to exotic flowers in the background – what customers want

Shraddha Dharankar, an illustrator at Aromeraki Designs, says, “Harry Potter wedding cards with invitations, Bollywood cards with the couple imitating a famous filmi pose – these are some of the requests I have. There are also requests for suggestion cards and wedding anniversary cards. “Not only at the wedding venues, but also when it comes to the background of illustrations, flowers are selected with great care. The visual designer Anwesh K Sahoo explains: “People don’t want popular and common flowers like roses, they want exotic flowers against the background of illustrations like water lilies and so on.”

“The cuteness factor is not negotiable”

Correct illustrations can involve a lot of back and forth. Sumouli says, “We can easily get the details right when customers send us certain photos. That’s why we urge our customers to share as many photos as possible. ”

Illustrators say that sometimes there is a lot of back and forth to get the face right. But as they point out, it’s a caricature and not a photo. But what is important and non-negotiable is the cuteness factor. Vidhee Bhatt, Illustrator at Vidhee Illustrates, says, “I make all of my wedding card illustrations cute. Even those who haven’t received a wedding card often come up to me for cute couple portraits. ”

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