Dave Chappelle bombed a pair’s wedding ceremony images at first sight

Matt and Eleanor McLaughlin's said their wedding day became even more special after Dave Chappelle photobombed their 'first look' photos.

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For a Texas couple, that special moment reached a new level of memorability when comedian Dave Chappelle suddenly poked his head out the doors of the neighboring restaurant.

Matt and Eleanor McLaughlin were nervous and excited for their socially distant, intimate wedding at The Line Hotel in Austin earlier this month.

When it came time for photos, the couple were strategically positioned by their photographer Anna Szczekutowicz and ready for the big first-sight reveal.

As soon as Matt turned to see Eleanor, Szczekutowicz snapped at her camera and captured the exact moment when Chappelle walked through the doors in a classic photo bomb pose.

Since they were on the outside terrace of a restaurant, the couple were not surprised to hear cheers from the guests inside. They hugged and kissed, thinking it was a sweet gesture from their audience.

What they didn’t notice was the audience cheering at the fact that Dave Chappelle had just bombed their first look with a photo bomb.

“I was just so emotional after seeing Matt on our wedding day for the first time,” Eleanor told CNN. “Then after hearing all the cheers, I turned around and said, ‘Wait, you’re Dave Chappelle.’ It was surreal. “

The happy couple thanked him for coming out to say hello and then asked for a real photo with them.

“He was determined to keep a safe distance, so he stayed in the background for the staged photo and was just so cool about everything,” said Eleanor. “We took the picture and then he said, ‘Good luck, you look great, take care!’ and then went back inside. “

Chappelle announced last week that he was asymptomatic after testing positive for Covid-19.

Szczekutowicz said the surprise really helped lift the couple’s spirits after the guests were downsized from 150 to 12 people.

“I could tell that they were pretty stunned because it wasn’t the day they had long imagined,” Szczekutowicz told CNN. “The mood of the day was like, ‘I wish we could have had our loved ones here,’ so that moment changed the whole feeling of the day. It was really fun.”

This isn’t the first time Chappelle has bombed couples with photo bombs on her special day. The comedian surprised an Ohio couple during their engagement photos in 2018 – and the photos are just as amazing.