Customized fits for grooms are a trendy new coronavirus marriage ceremony pattern

Taylor and Paul celebrate their wedding, she in her designer gown and he in his bespoke suit from Balani Custom Clothiers. (Stephanie Rogers Photography

L.Let’s just say what is good for the bride is good for the groom. We are talking about wedding attire. Interestingly, since the beginning of COVID-19, the demand for bespoke wedding suits for men has grown steadily.

Just ask Corrie Domingo, professional draper at Balani Custom Clothiers.

“Our wedding business has really increased, especially in COVID times, which is interesting. We are very lucky, ”she says. “I really believe that because of this time, people are reducing the size of the actual wedding. Now they have more budget for other things, like a nicer outfit. Maybe they thought of just renting beforehand. But now they want to invest in a nicer suit. “

And, as we all know, a bride invests four or five figures in a dress that she will most likely never wear again. While a custom suit or tuxedo can inherently have numerous uses.

“It really is a great investment for men,” notes Domingo.

Balani Custom Clothiers offers three piece suits with bespoke clothing for men. (Courtesy photo)

An interesting aspect of the Balani business is catering to the needs of men with disabilities. Case in point is the dashing, wheelchair-bound groom Paul. Knowing the difference a bespoke suit could make, his fiancée, professional photographer Taylor, reached out to Balani.

“Every time we look at wedding photos – of course we have an eye for them – when we see the bride she looks so flawless and when we see the groom the pants may be baggy or the wrong length,” Domingo said . “We kind of shudder. These photos are forever. “

When Paul’s suit arrived from overseas tailors, the fit was perfect. Balani is used to working with customers with disabilities, and Domingo says she has at least one regular customer in a wheelchair.

The company was founded in Chicago in 1961 and has had a showroom in Houston for around seven years, as well as showrooms in Cleveland and Denver. In addition, there are Balani representatives in a total of 0 out of 14 markets.

Domingo explains that Balani offers a “real custom experience”. That means taking 30 measurements, using calibrated equipment that measures shoulder inclination and posture, photos of the client and input from a stylist.

The measurements are sent overseas, where the suits, jackets and shirts are manufactured with a delivery time of six to eight weeks. After they have been returned, the suits are tried on by the customer for advice and minor changes are made by in-house tailors.

Balani has created a three-tier wedding package for the groom and his companions. If the groom orders an additional suit, e.g. B. one for the rehearsal meal and accessories, he receives a 30 percent discount. The gold package offers a discount of 20 percent and a silver package a discount of 15 percent.

If the entire wedding party orders their clothes from Balani, they can secure the showroom for two or three hours and enjoy the scotch bar, as opposed to the mimosa or bride’s champagne feast used when the bride and bridesmaids choose their wedding dresses.

Also due to COVID-19, Balani is expanding its range of casual clothing, including jeans (not individual), polo shirts, short-sleeved button-down shirts and the like.

Another aspect of Balani’s groom is his commitment to the gay community which sometimes offers a different aspect of wedding attire. Domingo, an ally of the LGBT chamber, has hosted a variety of gay weddings that can offer interesting alternatives to traditional groom attire.

“I’ve had grooms who wanted matching outfits from head to toe including shoes,” she says. “I’ve had grooms wanting to compliment each other, so one had a forest green suit and the other a navy suit. And others who had matching suits with contrasting vests. “