{Couples} “save and improve” for honeymoon


Kuoni publishes honeymoon report

According to Kuoni’s new report, “Couples save and improve” their honeymoon due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The average honeymoon has increased by £ 530 from £ 7,709 in 2019 to £ 8,247 in 2021 based on previous bookings.

The number of couples on two honeymoons has also increased by double digits. A short-haul trip immediately after their wedding ceremony and another larger trip are planned for the next year or the following year.

Other trends include private pool villas, secluded luxury away from the crowds, and multi-destinations like adventure and the beach.

The Maldives tops the list of dream honeymoon destinations for 2021, followed by Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Kenya and Tanzania, South Africa, Italy, Bali, Thailand, Greece and the Seychelles. Couples still plan ahead despite travel restrictions on instant travel.

Stacey Owens, one of Kuoni’s honeymoon experts, said: “I’ve worked very closely with couples since the summer coronavirus crisis affected so many honeymoon plans. It was worth helping couples remodel such a special trip at an emotional time for them. They were very disappointed that their wedding plans would not go ahead and at times we were all in tears. We pulled out all the stops to help couples with their plans. The human touch was welcomed. “

Derek Jones, Kuoni CEO, said: “This has been an emotional time for many couples. Behind the scenes, our team has moved mountains to help couples change their plans and recreate complex itineraries for new dates over the next year or even the following year. We’ve helped change the honeymoon plans for doctors, nurses, and key workers, and our flexible approach has been welcomed at a really stressful time. “

A honeymoon is still the most important holiday in a couple’s life and the signs are that despite the turmoil of travel, people are still determined to adjust their wedding and honeymoon plans within guidelines, so we can do all kinds of last minute travel Have booked closer to home. But there is no doubt that the romance of travel is alive and well, and the lure of the wonders of the world is still as strong as ever. “

The full report can be downloaded here: https://www.kuoni.co.uk/press-room