Changi Airport has unveiled Four dream marriage ceremony venues together with a glass home cafe, Way of life Information


While bridal couples used to only be able to take wedding photos at Jewel Changi Airport, they can now have the legendary HSBC Rain Vortex as a backdrop for their wedding.

Changi Airport has opened four stunning weddings for newlyweds, from the sprawling Cloud9 Piazza to the newly opened Hub & Spoke glasshouse café. Be excited? Please note here:

Cloud9 square

You will literally be on cloud nine at this scenic location, located on Jewels top level and in front of the Vortex and Canopy Bridge.

The airport also has partnerships with five-star hotels and catering partners, so you can have dining options for up to 200 of your guests, from a sumptuous Chinese six-course meal to a western four-course meal – everything with free flow soft drinks and optionally a beer barrel.

There will also be jewel-themed wedding favors for loved ones, and you can even choose from a number of free add-ons – think about staying in a hotel suite or extra alcohol for guests. Or add a guest access pass to the Canopy Park attraction for fun.

Do you have any parties planned before or after the wedding? You can also book additional venues.

Reception at Cloud9 Piazza (at least 100 people) starts from 180 USD per person.

Private suite with valley view

If you prefer a more intimate soiree, the Valley View Private Suite on the fourth level of Jewel Changi Airport is for you. This air-conditioned room has an exclusive balcony with great views of the Shiseido Forest Valley and lush greenery.

The wedding decor includes a lush flower arch and a cozy reception can also be held in the luxurious comfort of the Premium Suite.

A grand ceremony in the Valley View Suite starts at $ 1,888 ++.

Canopy Park


Or take your vows in an outdoor area (with air-conditioned comfort) in Canopy Park, where you are surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Here you can swear your love under a three meter high flower arch near the Topiary Walk. Meanwhile, guests can enjoy light bites in the luxurious Jewel Suite (level 4), which can also serve as a space for a tea ceremony before the ceremony.


Hub & spoke


Couples who are torn between an indoor or outdoor party or dream of a glass wedding location take a look at Hub & Spoke.

This glasshouse café opened just last year and is located at the Changi Airport Connector (near Terminal 2).

The 400 m² indoor and outdoor areas can comfortably accommodate up to 100 guests (with safe management measures), and you can celebrate in the fully air-conditioned glass house café or take it outside on the outside and lawn area. Do you have a furkid that you would like to have as part of your celebration? Pets don’t need to be kept on a leash in this pet-friendly café.

In culinary terms, there is a canapés menu that includes nasi lemak, sliders, and wings, as well as a full menu of western dishes such as grilled salmon. Halal options are available.

The canapes menu starts at $ 48 ++ per person (minimum 50 people) and the full menu from $ 65 ++ per person (minimum 50 people).

Please visit the Changi Airport website for more information.

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This article was first published in the Singapore Women’s Weekly.