Celebrity Weddings 2021: Which Bride Tribe Are You?

The big day is getting smaller.

This year the hottest wedding location will be a back garden, the wedding dress will be rented and the seating plan will take two minutes. The micro-wedding season is just around the corner, which means that couples forego marquees, make-up artists and several outfit changes and instead opt for a relaxed, intimate get-together with a maximum of 30 guests (no plus guests allowed, it’s like the law).

Undoubtedly, it is an opportunity for many to save costs after a financially turbulent 18 months. Then there are the couples who have already postponed their day three times and can no longer bear planning another big party. And there are also those who have recognized that small, if not beautiful, is very trendy.

“A significant number of couples are planning micro-weddings this year, and I absolutely love a small wedding,” said Mark Niemeirko, a leading UK luxury wedding planner whose clients included James and Julia Corden and Marvin and Rochelle Humes.

“Even if regulations change about the number of guests you are allowed in, I think this trend will continue. For example, the weddings I’m planning next spring are much smaller than they used to be. The kind of people who had maybe 500 guests shrinks back to 150. I think the pandemic has shown people what is really important and who their real friends and community are. A small wedding can be very intimate and special and also doesn’t mean dodgy uncles! “

Niemeirko says that the key to making a micro-wedding feel wonderful, not “where is everyone?” Is to keep everything close together. “Not having toilets or smoking areas miles away or a bar that is separate from the dance floor,” he says. “You don’t need the big red double-decker bus, so you can hire a chauffeur for each couple or sit in black cabs.

“And don’t book a big band, otherwise there will be more band members than guests. A cool pianist like Danny Mills who takes requests like a jukebox and plays Beyoncé is much more appropriate. ”Carrie and Boris seem to have chosen Fiddlin ‘About, an acoustic trio known for playing pop covers . Regardless of whether you are planning your own micro-wedding or have made the cut as one of the few selected guests, allow us to present the new bridal chillas …

Carrie and Boris Johnson

/ PA media

The hippie ever after bride

Poster bride: Carrie Symonds (and Boris Johnson)

The venue: Just her back garden. How quaint! Admittedly, Number 10’s rose garden is not your average lawned area with a terrace.

How to recognize them: More bunting than a village festival, more flower wreaths than Coachella and is that a real hay bale? In zone 1?

And the bride wore: Something long, casual, and boho from a high-end designer label, but, and crucially, it has to be rented for the eco-bragging rights. Carrie paid £ 45 to borrow a £ 2,900 Christos Costarellos dress from MyWardrobe HQ.

Dress code: Festival chic (but more Port Elliot than Glasto).

The music: Folk song around the fireplace.

The menu: Cocktails in jam jars and vegan sausage rolls.

The honeymoon: An environmentally friendly “mini moon” in a VW camper van by the sea.

Tell me: “I love your borrowed item! Yes, I knew that fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world … “

Do not say: “Take off your shoes and celebrate! Oh, you’re not wearing any. “

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault

/ Natalia Vodianova

The chic town hall bride

Poster bride: Natalia Vodianova (and Antoine Arnault)

The venue: The local registry office. Bonus points if it happens to be someone in the 16th arrondissement in Paris like supermodel Natalia and her Berluti boss husband.

How to recognize them: Clasps a small, tasteful bouquet of subtle peonies and a freshly colored marriage certificate, with a very slight hint of confetti.

And the bride wore: A white suit (big Bianca Jagger vibes). Natalia opted for a white skirt suit with a belt by the Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko Couture.

Dress code: Oh some old thing! As long as it is tailored and incredibly chic. Preferably with heels. And a red lip. But whatever you want, honestly!

The menu: Champagne and steak tartare in a little bistro they know.

The honeymoon: Just go to her castle in the south of France.

Tell me: “This is the chicest wedding I’ve ever been to!”

Do not say: “Now the boring thing is over, when is the real party?”

Lily Allen and David Harbor

/ Lily Allen

The F ** k It Bride

Poster bride: Lily Allen (and David Harbor)

The venue: You can have fun and party somewhere. Ideally Vegas, like Lily. More like Gretna Green. Or Soho farmhouse.

How to recognize them: A big grin, a big drink and a cheeky fagot on the dance floor.

And the bride wore: Vintage and very short. In Lily’s case, a sixties Dior mini dress.

Dress code: Hawaiian shirts and novel sunglasses.

The music: Solid non-stop blasts from a Spotify playlist and portable speaker.

The menu: Quick and dirty. Lily celebrated by munching on In-N-Out at the iconic burger joint.

The honeymoon: Another blow-out bender in Ibiza.

Tell me: “Should I start a socially distant Conga line?”

Do not say: “I’m going to bed now…”

Fatima Farheen Mirza and Riz Ahmed

/ about REUTERS

Don’t tell the bride that

Poster bride: Fatima Farheen Mirza (and Riz Ahmed)

The venue: A well-kept secret. Riz slipped Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show for marrying novelist Fatima “in a backyard” somewhere for her “super-intimate and socially distant” wedding during the lockdown.

How to recognize them: You will not. Security is too tight.

And the bride wore: Sorry, this is on a knowledge need basis.

Dress code: Masks indispensable. Not because of Covid, but to disguise.

The music: A quiet disco, of course.

The menu: Nothing remotely wedding-y. Riz mentioned kebabs. We don’t know if he was kidding.

The honeymoon: We could tell you, but then we’d have to kill you.

Tell me: “Wedding? What wedding?”

Do not say: A word on that to anyone, OK?

Ariana Grande

/ Instagram

The Go Big and Go Home Bride

Poster bride: Ariana Grande (and Dalton Gomez)

The venue: So it stays super cool at home. This comes in handy when you’re Ariana and “mi casa” is a $ 6.75 million mansion in Montecito, California. Dalton is a real estate agent and likes houses.

How to recognize them: Massive dress, massive flowers, massive entourage.

And the bride wore: A striking designer dress with a full veil. Ariana wore a bespoke Vera Wang number with an exposed bra strap and a low back. No pandemic is raining at this fashion parade.

Dress code: Extra. But don’t put the bride in the background.

The music: Just a 12-piece band, four DJs, a string quartet, a choir …

The menu: A five-course tasting menu with accompanying wines.

The honeymoon: A four week vacation somewhere on the green list. Planning a shameless OTT micro wedding can be really stressful.

Tell me: “Home is where the heart is.”

Do not say: “I can’t believe you managed to get that 10-foot train down your hallway.”