Businesswoman of the week Louise Moran provides her first tip for {couples} planning their wedding ceremony day


Our Businesswoman of the Week Louise Moran is a weddings expert. As a former bridal boutique owner and wedding planner, she now runs her own blog,, where you will find a handpicked selection of all of Ireland’s top suppliers, helpful advice and much more.

Last year, the mom of two released her own wedding planner to walk you from “yes” to “I’ll do” which was a huge hit. She has also designed a luxurious wedding anniversary candle, air freshener and diffuser that you can use throughout the planning process, on the big day itself and in the weeks, months and years after, so that precious memories can flow back.

Here we chat with Louise about why she loves weddings, her favorite pastime in running her own business, and her number one tip for couples planning their big day.

Louise Moran

How did your passion for weddings come about?

Weddings have always been something I’ve been interested in, and it dates back to my childhood. We didn’t have a Sky or anything back then and my cousin got married and we had the video. So my mom kept playing the video, and I think that’s probably where my love for weddings came from!

I love every part of a wedding, from planning to the end. I’m doing it now as my job a little over ten years ago. I started wedding planning from my home business. I was the mother of two young boys and I needed something to work on. I went on to take floristry classes etc so I could offer this to my clients and it grew from there. Then I opened my own bridal boutique and had that for four years. We closed everything in 2016 and then I did the wedding blogging.

I would still give one or two advice here and there if a couple got stuck with wedding planning. When Covid arrived early last year, I decided to go back online and have virtual consultations with couples. They are free. No couple ever expects to be affected by the postponement of their wedding – I was able to bring in my experiences and help them remake their big day. Some of them are in the third or fourth shift at this point, which is very difficult. I could see that couples were struggling and I wanted to give something back. If I can give someone 20 or 30 minutes of my time and help them, I’m happy to be able to do that.

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What’s your number one tip for couples planning their weddings?

My main tip, especially after this year, is wedding insurance. Not many couples find this a necessity, but most weddings cost around $ 20,000 to $ 25,000 – insurance will only cost you about $ 100. Well worth getting. Unfortunately I know that it has nothing to do with Covid anymore, but it would help an eventuality.

From a planning perspective, I think it’s great if you can open a separate bank account or savings account for everything wedding-related. You can use your savings and then, when you pay your suppliers, just keep track of everything instead of trying to settle each other’s bank accounts and keep track of various deposits.

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Tell me about your wedding planner, Louise.

The planner literally takes you from “yes” to “I’ll do”. It covers everything from announcing your engagement, including who to tell first before posting it on social media, to what you need to get married legally before you start planning. Tips and tricks, choosing your venues, choosing your suppliers and much more. It’s my brain on one page, everything I’ve learned in the past few years, all written down in lovely easy steps to walk you right through your wedding planning.

It was my pleasure to make it. We released it in September and it just flew. It was very well received and I am very pleased that the brides are making use of it.

And why did you choose your wedding anniversary candle?

I firmly believe that scents bring back memories, for example, when you smell coconut you might think of holidays!

We have created a complete home fragrance brand that you can use right from the planning phase. For example, once you’ve bought your dress, you can light your candle to mark the milestone. And then on your wedding day you can leave the candles burning and every time you light them afterwards the smell will remind you of your wedding day and bring you back to that moment. It’s also a massage candle. So if you have an intimate moment with your partner, you can light them up too.

The fragrance we released is a white jasmine, patchouli, magnolia … it’s such a soft, light fragrance. It’s not too overwhelming, but it’s just a wedding in a candle.

What do you like best about running your own business?

My favorite pastime in running my business is chatting with couples and clients. Social media is a big part of my work and I love being able to chat with so many different people, especially during the time we are in. There was a couple there, I talked to them all last year and they finally got married last week and it almost felt like I was part of their wedding. Positive feedback from couples is always greatly appreciated.

I also have more freedom as a mother. My sons are older now, they are teenagers, but I still like to have that flexibility to work with my family when something comes up. I can make my own lessons.

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Any advice for readers considering starting their own business?

Just start and the rest will follow. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. When I started I was so nervous and thought, will people want to see this? Am i doing the right thing? ‘Just start.

There are so many people willing to help too. If it doesn’t work, it won’t work. It won’t always be a rose bed. It won’t always be happy, there will be hard times too. But the good always outweighs the bad.