Brides, marriage ceremony venues that profit from relaxed restrictions

Brides, wedding venues that benefit from relaxed restrictions

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – One of the industries hardest hit during the pandemic was weddings.

After many COVID restrictions, limited gatherings, venues and vendors are catching up on missed time.

Wedding vendors who 10/11 NOW spoke to say brides call them seven days a week. Some brides had small receptions during the pandemic but can now have the big party they have been planning for years.

Heidi Drew and her husband Casey were planning a long engagement before the pandemic.

“It was pretty stressful in the beginning,” said Heidi.

This planned, long engagement just got longer two weeks after their wedding day.

“When Governor Ricketts came out and said we couldn’t do dances at the reception, I said it didn’t sound like much fun, so we decided to postpone this,” Heidi said.

They were able to have a small wedding with just the family in the middle of the pandemic and are planning a bigger reception this weekend.

Fortunately, they were also able to get most of their providers to adapt. Not all couples succeeded in doing this.

It’s a trend that wedding venues in the capital are also seeing.

“We see a lot of bigger events planned,” said Crystal Meister, facility manager in the pharmacy and Ridnour room. “Some in the range of 300 people, which is what our largest venue can accommodate here.

Master said that business has been picking up recently, but it is mainly attributed to what they didn’t have last year.

It looks good on paper, but a lot of it was postponements from last year, ”Master said. “So we’re just playing catching up to do with everything that has been postponed because of the pandemic.”

Heidi’s big reception was one of many that was postponed last year and now she’s looking forward to it this weekend, specifically for a moment.

“The only thing we couldn’t do when everything was squashed was the dance – the father-daughter dance that means so much not only to me, but also to my father,” said Heidi.

The manager of The Ridnour Room said most weekends were already booked. She hopes wedding planning will go back to pre-pandemic routes by 2022.

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