Bride & Groom rescue man who was hit by automotive in the course of their wedding ceremony images

Bride & Groom rescue man who was hit by car in the middle of their wedding photos

MARION COUNTY, Florida – A group of Florida first responders stopped their wedding photos to rescue a man who was hit by a nearby car.

Back in December, arrest officer Taylor Rafferty of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office and her current husband, Deputy Chris Rafferty, took photos of their wedding reception on their special day when a man was hit by a nearby car.

The entire wedding reception – fully dressed in wedding attire – stopped what they were doing and responded to the scene to help the injured man.

The group consisted of Assistant Dustin French, Assistant Samantha Horne, Assistant Ryan Murphy, Assistant Detention Officer Danielle Donely, and Officer Kyle Kern of the Ocala Police Department.

Deputy Horne held the man’s head to prevent further injury while the rest of the group made sure everyone else was safe.

The bride in her wedding dress directed traffic in the area. Fortunately, the man did not have any serious injuries. After being taken by medical professionals, the wedding party returned to their celebrations!

“When you choose a career in law enforcement, you choose never to be truly off duty because anything can happen anytime,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a Facebook post. “Our greatest admiration goes to the Raffertys and every member of their wedding party who, without a second thought, took steps to help everyone involved in this incident.”