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January 14, 2021 – 3:42 PM GMT

Bridie Wilkins

Hold on to a budget can take all the fun Plan your wedding day. From the venue to the catering to everything in between, there is so much to explain that it is difficult to keep track of things. Add to this the coronavirus pandemic, when cancellations and changes to the guest list create even more stress and future brides have serious problems. That is why we encourage you to share your stories. We ask women for their exact wedding budget breakdown to help others on their way, and this week we heard of a couple who spent nearly half their salary on a wedding in 2021 regardless of what the pandemic was on she might throw. .

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Combined salary of the couple: £ 60,000

Job titles: Bank manager and senior business administrator

Age of the bride: 30th

Groom’s Age: 28

Wedding date: Saturday, September 25, 2021

Engagement date: Saturday 24th November 2018

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Originally planned budget:

Approximately £ 25,000 – £ 30,000. “We didn’t break it down as such, we wanted to spend our parents’ contribution of £ 12,000 to £ 13,000 on venue rentals, drinks, food and catering.”

Actual expenses so far:

About £ 26,000.

Mental breakdown:

Venue hire: £ 3750 – Coombe Lodge Blagdon

Drinks, food and catering: £ 9,000

Registrar for the ceremony: £ 470

Wedding planner and stylist per day: £ 895 – Wedding helper UK

Flowers: £ 1900 – The rose shed

Photographer: £ 1800 – Naomi Kenton

Videographer: £ 2500 – Basic films

Decor: TBC / Budget £ 1000

Daytime musical entertainment: pianist £ 325 – Michael Raggatt

Evening music entertainment: saxophonist and DJ £ 910 – Joe Glynn and Kieran Clarke

Wedding dress: TBC / budget £ 2000

Groom suit: TBC / budget £ 500

Bridesmaid dresses x 4: £ 300

Usher suit hire x 7: £ 800

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Effects of COVID-19:

“Fortunately, touching wood has not yet affected us! We both work from home with our jobs and have been doing this since it all began, so our salaries have stayed the same and we don’t have our £ 500 per person savings plan Changed month. We’ve made deposits on everything we’ve booked so far and still plan to get married. However, our honeymoon is last on the agenda and is paid for by credit card for extra security – so it hasn’t been added Data sent to 110 guests, but we may plan a lot less and have to work with our suppliers if that is the case as things need to be done on a smaller scale. “

Saving tips:

  1. Create a separate savings account and plan your wedding date based on what you can save. We saved £ 500 per month from the day we booked our venue – 2.5 years ago!
  2. Talk to all of your friends who have had weddings and see if there is anything left of them that you can use! We’re using some of my friends’ golden picture frames for table numbers.
  3. It’s so easy to say yes to the first supplier you speak to, but make sure you shop around, listen to recommendations, do initial consultations and compare quotes before signing and paying a deposit!

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