Binky Felstead MARRIES fiancé Max Fredrik Darnton – unique marriage ceremony photographs


August 01, 2021 – 4:59 p.m. BST

Seven weeks to the day after Greeting from son Wolfie, Binky devil place and her fiancé Max Fredrik Darnton transformed their newborn love bubble into newly wed happiness too HELLO! Exclusively revealing, the couple said “yes” in front of their family and close friends.

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“It was the most perfect day,” says the former Made in Chelsea star as she and her new husband exclusively share photos and memories from their intimate civil wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall on Friday, July 23rd.

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Tell HELLO! With all the details ahead of a bigger wedding reception in Corfu next summer, Max shows his joy at officially becoming a stepfather four year old indiawho did flower girl chores on that special day. “It’s amazing. To be honest, it felt official when Wolfie was born because he and India were siblings, but the marriage cemented it.”

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Max and Binky tied the knot seven weeks after greeting their son. Photo credit: Roberta Facchini

Businessman Max, who made a suggestion last September, just over a year after the couple first crossed paths at the Soho Farmhouse, adds, “Binks looked amazing. but I pretended I hadn’t. “

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For her bridal outfit, Binky opted for a Halfpenny London wedding ensemble consisting of a softly falling petticoat underneath a bolero with a flower application. “I opted for subtle but elegant,” she says.


The couple married in London. Photo credit: Roberta Facchini

After the service, guests including Binky’s close friend and former Made in Chelsea co-star Ollie Locke and husband Gareth gathered at Binky and Max’s house to get the party started right. “We had music, we danced and sang in the garden and we had India’s most popular dance teacher who entertained the children. It couldn’t have gone any better,” says Binky.

Looking ahead to the festivities in Corfu next summer, Max says, “We rented a large boat to sail through the bays, snorkel and grill on the beach. We rented a private beach restaurant for the day after, for Bloody Marys and sharing stories. “


A look at the bridal shower outfits. Photo credit: Roberta Facchini

Binky adds, “I have a full year to prepare for the next wedding!”

Photography by Roberta Facchini.

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